Okay, I’m Awake, Let’s Talk Steven Universe

Alright, guys. This is not a review. I may go into particular episodes in the future because I think it’s the easiest way to go into certain topics within the show, but, for now, I just want to give an overview of this show and why I love it so much.

I started watching SU right after I posted my theme song post. There was that Lapis Lazuli tribute using Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling:

I’m so addicted to this song that I watched this video on repeat for days and in watching I became really interested in this character, so I decided to watch the show. Yeah, I started watching SU to find out more about Lapis.

To be honest, I had tried watching SU a long time ago before. The same RP friend who got me into MLP and Adventure Time recommended it to me. I watched the first episode and decided I needed to watch more to know whether I really liked it or not. The show just goes right into things without explaining a lot and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that. I was confused at what the hell the Crystal Gems we’re supposed to be and why Steven was trying to summon something from his belly button by eating ice cream sandwiches ( that is literally the plot of Gem Glow in a nutshell). At the time, for some reason, I didn’t keep watching. I don’t regret that decision only because I gave me over two seasons to watch at once without the agony of waiting for episodes, which I’m only now experiencing for the first time. I don’t know exactly at what point that happened, but I became hooked on the show real quick and suddenly it was okay how little backstory I had because it made me keep watching to find out more and more, and whenever the show did eventually provide a concrete answer for one of my questions… It REALLY delivered. The more I learn about these characters, the more I want to know about them.

Also, I have to admit this show’s got everything I love in it. I mean, it’s cute and funny, but at the same time… There’s some really dark shit in it. I mean, really, the Gems’ entire existence on Earth is the product of them rebelling against their home planet’s intentions to destroy all life on planet. They’re not shy about showing that shit either.


Pictured here: a horrifying apocalyptic future. You know, for kids!

I think one of the most disturbing things on this show so far, to me, were the Gem Experiments. In a nutshell, Steven and Garnet discovered what Homeworld did with the broken shards of Gems that were shattered during the war. I’ll let you guys see this for yourselves…

What you’re seeing here is Garnet finding bits and pieces of her fallen comrades forced together into mutant abominations. Also, Garnet is the Gem fusion of Ruby and Sapphire, if you haven’t noticed her arguing with herself there. In the episode The Answer, when she tells Steven how Ruby and Sapphire met, she tells how they first fused by accident when Ruby was trying to save Sapphire from the rebellion and mentions that two different types of gems fusing was ‘unheard of’. This kinda makes me wonder if Garnet’s existence is the reason these Gem Experiments came to fuition in the first place. Which makes her little breakdown here all the more painful to watch.

Speaking of Ruby and Sapphire…

Let’s dicuss the big rainbow-colored elephant in the room. They’re a couple. Yup. That’s all.

My take on the whole LGBT thing is that… In the show I think it doesn’t matter. And I’m saying this as a compliment. If you add something like this to your story and it stands out like a sore thumb it’s not a good thing. At all. Steven Universe does romance well for a children’s show. Be it with the “gay” space gems, or with the space gem/human guy romance in the flashbacks between Steven’s parents.

Yeah, I have my ships in this show and they involve “gay” space rocks too. And the reason I’m putting the word gay between quotation marks here is that I’m not sure they qualify as gay within the show’s universe, seeing as gems are actually genderless and their physical forms are basically a projection. That being the case, I feel that terms like homo or heterosexual would be pointless, seing as they can be either, or neither, sex at any given tim-… I’m over thinking this, never mind.

What does bother me sometimes in regards to this is the fandom. Well, some people I’ve met in the fandom. People who have given me crap for saying what I just said above for instance, or who bitch about how people who wanted to see Gems in a male form are bothered by the show’s portrayal of strong female characters and blah blah. Look, I’m not gonna like, I’d like to see a gem with a male form just because I would. I’m not gonna advocate for or against that because I’m cool either way. However, people need to make everything, and I mean everything, into a cause nowadays and that is the only thing I’m bothered by in relation to this show. Because Steven Universe does what I said should be done in my post about sexuality in fiction; it created a world where all kinds of relationships are a part of the norm. I mean no one bats an eye at the fact Steven is part human and part alien rock creature, why would they question anything else at this point?

In one episode we get Steven’s father; Greg, and his mother; Rose, having a very sincere moment of “holy crap, we are so incredibly different, how is this going to even work?” and it was BEAUTIFUL. So, why can’t we just have that? Pure, sincere, love. Without an agenda, without politics, without… Anger… Why can’t we just forget how fucked up the real world is for the span of a ten minute cartoon episode?

As for saying that the Gems are technically not gay since they don’t actually have a gender? Look, I know that, technicalities and nitpicking aside, this is portraying two female-looking characters in a confirmed romantic relationship in a children’s show and I’m not in any way oblivious, or trying to undermine the fact that this is fucking badass in itself. I wasn’t saying it in an attempt to negate that, I was just making an observation based on the show’s own canonic rules. I’ve seen a lot of Tumblr posts by gay women, individuals and couples, who feel a special connection to these characters and feel like they’re finally being represented and I think that’s awesome. Far be it from me and my nitpicking to try and take that away, but the thing is… There’s no reason why that simple little statement being true would actually do that. Nothing can tak away the Rupphire, people, so let’s take a chill pill, yes? =P

All in all. It’s a fucking awesome show in my books. Can’t wait to watch some more of it later tonight.



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