Too Short To Ride Reaction

Finally watched yesterday’s Steven Universe episode. It was awesome. Peridot’s episodes are always awesome. She’s just such an adorkable little space Dorito. Just wanna squish her. >.>

Also, it’s official, Peridot and Luckas are soulmates.

Wait, no, not like that… I mean, they have really similar personalities.

*looks out for any dimension jumping redheads* o.o


I need to watch what I say, damn it. >.>

But yeah; Peridot’s attitude while Steven and Amethyst were trying to teach her to shapeshift, it was a lot like Lukey learning to swordfight; what I imagine his first couple lessons were at least. I’m not gonna go into lengths here, but it was really funny and yay, Peri’s got a power. And a Twitter. I can follow her on Twitter guys! *fangirls*

*chuckles* Okay, that’s all I have to say about that episode.

Also, I’m really starting to realize how short these episodes are now that I have to watch them one at a time. Why aren’t these half an hour long? *pouts*



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