Dastan Artwork Commission

Guys, guys, guys… Are you ready for this? Are you ready for this? It’s really cool!

Are you sure you’re ready?

Okay then.



Ehem, sorry. >.>

Yeah, I commissioned this picture of Dastan some time ago and it was a long wait due to the artists being busy with life and other little things, but the wait more than worth it. I am so happy with what they did with the info I gave them. It’s Dastan. It’s 100% Dastan.

To be fair, he is missing some scarring on his chest and stuff, but that’s my bad because I was so excited with the WIP they sent that it totally slipped my mind to make that correction. They did exactly what I asked, to perfection.

The artists behind this masterpiece go by Ankonox on deviant art. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you like what they did here, go check out their work and show them some internet wuvs. ^.^



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