I was going through some fan fiction last night… New commentary series, maybe? ^.-

I kinda wanted to find the fanfiction that later became 50 Shades of Grey, I figured, after everything I’ve gone through with Christian Potter I could handle that one with a smile.

Hey, I read 50 Shades and survived just fine.

Buuut, I couldn’t find the whole thing posted anywhere. I assume E.L James must have wanted it gone, but then… I’m not sure if I’d want to repost that here even if I could find it.

I did find some good stuff, though. There are options. *smirk*

Nothing good and episodic that I can make several posts, but some short and amusing stuff. We’ll see. ^^

I’ll also take suggestions if you got ’em.

I’m officially not ‘back’ yet, btw. I’ve been battling some serious writer’s block lately and this weekend it seemed to just ‘poof’ go away. I managed to organize all my book-related files on my computer, I wrote an RP reply…. I even sorta made a map for Stonewall. It’s weird looking, but it works. 😛

Point being, I’ve got a lot of stuff to finish and I’m gonna be working on that. ^^”



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