Crack The Whip Reaction

Amethyst nooo!

Stevonnie… YES!!!

And Jasper just… Sucks. She sucks so much. I WANT HER TO FEEL TRUE PAIN!

Ehem… I’m sorry… Just… I’ve had a real soft spot for Amethyst since On The Run and, this was NOT okay. Stupid Jasper.

But omg, Stevonnie in a fight. I’ve been waiting so long for this. SoexcitedomgAAAAH.

In all seriousness, the amount of hell Jasper would have to go through for me to accept her being reformed, just doubled. I mean, maybe she won’t be reformed… Maybe she’ll remain an antagonist… I don’t know. If that was the plan, though, it’d take a lot to get me on board with it. My ability to sympathize with her just went completely down the drain with this episode. She was going to shatter Amethyst if it weren’t for Steven and Connie.

Just no.



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