Steven Vs Amethyst Reaction

Late reaction, but I got seriously distracted from life by Undertale (I need to make a separate post on that later).

This episode was a lot more lighthearted than I expected and thank God for that. It was extremely satisfying to see Amethyst and Steven work this stuff out without stabbing me right in the feels.

Also, I hope Amethyst trains ALL the trainings and beats up Jasper for being such a meanie pants. >.>

That’s right, I said meanie pants! Although… Gems don’t actually wear pants, do they? Well, Peridot would, she seems to like the ‘shirts’… And Pearl did wear a tux… What was I even going on about?



P.S: I’ve been avoiding SU related things so much not to spoil myself lately that I don’t even know which episode is up tonight, but I’m still excited! YAY!


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