Life Is Good Again

I fixed the Minecraft!

In other news; the Olympics are happening and I fail at not giving a shit about it, despite my annoyance at the whole thing before it started. I just like this kind of stuff, what can I say? ^^”

I’m really peeved that there is no archery to be found in the TV programming. I wanted to watch THAT, damn it. Watched fencing instead. =.=

A lot of falls and mistakes in men’s gymnastics. Most of them were the usual ‘land on your ass’ falls that I usually laugh at then feel horrible about, but one of the French gymnasts suffered a really nasty injury. His leg snapped and it was HORRIBLE. There are images and videos online, but I really don’t want to post any here. If any of you guys want to look it up, Google ‘Samir Ait Said injury 2016’ and you’ll find it for sure. Honestly, though, it was nasty, don’t look. >.>

And we only have one little silver medal so far… Aw. 😛



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