The Lauren Zuke Twitter Fiasco

There are few shows/games/movies/etc that I love that I actually involve myself with fandom. MLP and Steven Universe have been two exceptions in the sense of me watching fan blogs and looking up fan art/animations/fics etc… Undertale is slowly making the cut as well. I don’t speak up much and I try not to involve myself too much either because I feel that there’s something about a group of people sharing an obsession that inevitably turns toxic and even a small fragment of a community can create such an extreme case of mob mentality that it can become seriously frightening.

I’m not talking all fandoms and I’m not saying everyone in this fandom either. I’ve met some really nice people on deviant art who are SU fans and I’ve found some really positive Tumblr blogs on the show as well, and despite the few aggressive fans I’ve met along the way I thought to myself, “wow, this fandom gets way too much undeserved hate”.

And then… Lauren Zuke was harassed to the point of leaving Twitter. Now, the exact reasons for this are still a bit blurry to me. I’ve been checking Lauren’s Twitter feed about once a day since I recently started following her, but I didn’t actually see what went down… What I read on Reddit and  other people’s tweets is that a part of the fandom were giving Lauren hate over Peridot living with Lapis and accusing her of a) favoring Lapidot as a ship and/or b) using those scenes for queerbaiting. I heard of both these things as the reason and I’m not sure what exactly broke the camel’s back (that’s a fucking weird expression btw), but I assume all of it played a part.

I posted about this on my deviant art journal yesterday, but I’m still really sad this happened. I loved reading Lauren’s tweets and seeing her art, I think she’s an amazing artist and a freaking awesome human being. I hate that this happened to her and I hate that people have actually twisted some of the first scenes in this show of Lapis Lazuli actually enjoying herself into such intolerant negative bullshit.

Those scenes were comedic gold, they were heart-warming and sweet, and they were great character development. They deserved nothing more than love and praise from people who truly love this show. And this is what happened instead.

I don’t get how some people think that they’re entitled or that it’s okay to piss all over the people who create the things they claim to love. And this is something that scares the hell out of me as someone who wants to be successful as a creator. The possibility that this sort of negative behavior towards any of my writing may one day become a constant in my life just terrifies me.

I hope Lauren is better off now without Twitter and that all the love and support I’ve been seeing in social media the past couple of days from the fans who appreciate her and her work has gotten through to her.



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