Ask A Character: Fan Club Edition pt.02

Hey guys, long time no see. I’m starting to feel a little better about life so, hopefully, I’ll start posting here more often like I used to.

I can’t say for sure because someone actually showed some interest in hiring me for something and I’ll be occupied with that project if they’ll have me, but for now I’m free as a…. Well, Bird. 😛

So what is this thing I’m doing here now? Well, I asked my buddy and avid reader, let’s call him Aussie; because he’s from Australia and that’s what I call him anyway, to ask us some questions for our characters to answer. That’s right, our characters. Doomed answered some questions too with his guys!

Okay then, let’s gets this show started! I apologize in advance for all the colors, I had never had so many different characters in a single post before. I hope it’s not too painful on the eyes. If it is, let me know in the comments and I’ll change it. ^^’

1 – Did Ella and Luckas know each other while in the NH orphanage?

Luckas: “I remember seeing Ella, but we didn’t know each other. I had no interest in knowing anyone in that place.”

Ella: “Who’s Luckas?”

2 – Does Luckas ever wonder what’d he be like if he had been brought up in the Order instead of left in the orphanage? Or if he hadn’t come across Lena when he did?

Luckas: “I don’t want to think about that. And probably dead. I was very careless before Lena’s guidance, I would have been caught or killed in no time if we had never met.”

3 – What is the deal with Rita and Hastings?

Rita: “What do you mean what’s the deal? We were married. Hardly romantic. The romance died almost as quickly as the marriage did. We moved on to new lovers. He for his love of alcohol and me for another person. I was never really meant for love.”

Aaaw, that’s such a sad thing to say, Rita. o.o

4 – Can Annie fight?

Annie: “I was trained to defend myself, physically and mentally. I have never had to fight, though. I have never hurt anyone and I’d like to keep it that way.”

5 – I always wondered what was Perry’s actual thoughts on some of the people in his life, like Lena, Dani and Bastian, or, you know, Evin. Did he have any regard for anyone at all or was he just indifferent?

Perry: “You’ll have to excuse me. My last visitor had me rather upset. I’ll start with Lena. She’s an intelligent woman. One I’ve kept closer to me than I would wish, but it is out of necessity. In the next few days, there will be no need for her anymore.

Dani wasn’t much of a bother. I was the best assassin in my generation of recruits when I was still training under the assassins. She respected my prowess. Everyone in the camp respected my prowess. What I respect of her was her ability to take command after the Red Night. Her grit was an inspiration.

I didn’t like Sebastian.

Evin. He’s a pain. How can one person so consistently make stupid choices in their life, yet still come out on top like he does? The man could trip and it would somehow work out for him. I’d feel embarrassed for the man if he wasn’t as unforgivably brash as he is.

We fought once. When we were still considered friends. The goodie caught me sneaking out of the camp one night. He isn’t much like he is now, but the man followed every rule that he was given when he was younger.  He told me that he’d tell the Alpha about my midnight wanderings outside of the camp. I couldn’t let him do that. I couldn’t let the Alpha know. Not this time. I beat him until he was an inch from death. He spent the next two months in bed recovering from what I’d done to him. I told him what to tell the Alpha. He told them that he was attacked by some mercenaries. The Wolves went on a hunt for these nonexistent mercenaries, killing the first group of travelers in the woods that they found without question and without mercy before calling it quits. It’s hard to blame them for their quick decision making. The Red Night was still fresh in many people’s minds and they didn’t want a repeat.

I’ll give Evin one thing. He’s loyal to a fault. That’s about the only thing I’ll give Evin.”

6 – Did Lena actually adopt Alistair? If so, how come no one ever seemed to acknowledge that fact? Did she simply not tell anyone?

Annie: “My mom never explicitly told people a lot of things she felt it wasn’t their business to know. She never told anyone who my father was, she never told anyone she had a niece and nephew in Blackpond, and she never advertised the fact she adopted Al and Ethan. In hindsight, what would even be the point of anyone else knowing that outside our family? I knew, and Jake knew; that was more than enough. Now I guess it’s up to Al whether to bring it up or not.”

Alistair: “Lena legally adopted me and my brother at our mother’s request. It’s not a secret. You can find the documentation in the Newhaven archives if you really care enough to look for it.”

7 – And what did happen to Alistair’s brother? I assume he died, but how?

Annie: “Ethan… Well… After we had our falling out with Blackpond a few years ago, there were several incidents of healers being pushed around and harassed by Blackpond citizens while on the road. During one of those incidents Ethan fought back and was beaten within an inch of his life. He was brought back to us still breathing, but even… I… was unable to save him.”

Alistair: “It’s not your fault, kid.”

Annie: “Yeah, I know.” *sigh*

8 – Did Annie get along with him as well as she does Alistair?

Annie: “Not really. Ethan was more of a fighter than a pacifist. There was a lot we disagreed on, especially after I became the leader of the clan. Still, we did like each other very much. He was a smart guy, funny when in a good mood. We were very good friends. I can’t deny he was ultimately right about some things. His death was the reason I changed the rules to allow healers to take up weapons to defend themselves outside our territory.”

9 –  Did Evin and Mageria have a thing? I always kinda thought they did.

Evin: “Ria and I? No. We’re just good friends. I wonder what she’s up to right now. Newhaven’s seeing some problems right now. I’m sure she can handle it…”

Crys: *stares at Evin in disbelief and mouths “seriously?” behind his back*

Crys did you say something?

Crys: “Who, me? No. Not a thing.”

10 –  Are Jake and Crys together or not after all?

Jake: *sigh* “We are together, yes. We just agreed that picking up from where we left off was…”

Crys: “A stupid idea.”

Jake: “I was going to say ‘an impossibility’, but I guess yours is a bit more true. Heh.”

Crys: “We are trying to do this with a little less intensity and a bit more tact this time around. And I think, so far so good.”

11 – What about Dastan’s little crush? Is that really over with just like that? Was meeting Dee what did the trick?

Dastan: “Uh… Yes? Look, I’mma be honest with you, mate; Crys and I have never talked about this in any significant way at any point, and that’s because we both knew it wasn’t anything serious to begin with. The girl’s attractive, she’s an amazing person, and we spent a lot of time together in the past years; we saw each other through things, and life situations like this can mess with your head. We’re both mature enough to see this for what it was. Jake was the only one freaking out about it and that’s thankfully over now too. We can all move on from this now and I’d really appreciate it if we did.”

Crys: “Uhm, you’re ignoring half the question there, buddy.” *grin*

Dastan: “Deidra had nothing to do with this. What do you expect me to say? Mind your business, Red.” *glare*

12 – What was the point of Lazarus taking over Ella’s body? Isn’t he just killing himself with this?

Lazarus: “Death is a fickle bitch.”

Luckas: “Hey, show a little respect pal.” *glare*

13 – Crys left something for her mom before going off to fight The Shadow… What was it? Did she find it? And if so, did they talk about it?

Crys: “Wow, that… That was a long time ago. I didn’t… I barely even remembered that. I left a letter for my mom before we left because, well, dad died without any warning, without any parting words. Nothing. I was afraid that there’d be things left unsaid if something were to happen to me. I think, most of all, I was worried for her. The letter said obvious emotional things that I never had and never would say aloud. She did find it. We never talked about it. There was no need to. We didn’t have that kind of relationship. And I know that makes it sound like we didn’t have a good one, but…” *sigh* “I think this has been answered enough as it is.”

14 – Why was Rick so obsessed with Crys? Is that still a thing or is he over it? (Wait, is Rick too insane to answer questions? If so, maybe Simon can answer for him?)

Simon: “Don’t look at me!”

Crys: *shrug* “I guess we’ll never know. Not that it even matters in my opinion.”

Jake: *glares at Simon* “Just keep that freak on a leash or so help me.”

15 – How good of a relationship did Lena and Bastian have? Crys seemed surprised to hear that Lena was the one who killed his sister.

Crys: “Uhm… I don’t know how well I can answer that question, but… I know they talked on a regular basis even in times where she and my mom weren’t on speaking terms. Dad visited the plains often, but I was rarely with him to know how they interacted during those visits. They seemed to like each other, though.”

16 – How did Hastings end up in Grim’s crew? And how the heck did he not die in the first place?

Hastings: “Winter was nearing and being closer to the northern region of Valcrest, it tends to be noticeably colder anyway from the winds that drive themselves down from the northern lands. While not freezing, the water I was floated down was cold at that time of year. I was then found by a curiously crazy lady. A member of Grim’s group of friends. She dragged me out of the river and revived me. After that, I was basically indebted to Grim’s cause for a time.”

17 – Can Sam tell me what the hell is the Order’s issue with the Crimson Shadows?

Sam: “We have absolutely no issue with the Crimson Shadows. Why would we? They’ve done absolutely nothing to us at all.”

18 – Does Evin actually do anything for fun? Is he familiar with the concept? (he just seems so on edge all the time. The guy doesn’t even drink!)

Evin: “I found my work fun. I found my friends fun. I found training and mentoring fun.  I had fun with Perry and Dani and with Sebastian. There isn’t much of any of that in my life anymore. I’m familiar with the concept, but it’s fleeting.”

Crys: “….” *gives Evin random hugs* >.> 

19 – How often did Dani and Bastian fight? How did they get along on a daily basis?

Crys: “I wasn’t with them at all hours of the day, thankfully, but for what I witnessed they got along great. And yes, they fought all the time. Over a lot of stupid things. Their fights almost never seemed to go very far, mostly because my dad had ways of dealing with my mom’s temper. They stemmed from being impossibly goofy to being obnoxiously calm. The man was a strategist. Things rarely went as smoothly when he was the angry one of the two, though. Mom was a bit too proud for her own sake sometimes, especially when she knew she was wrong.”

Jake: “Think you inherited that trait.”

Crys: “What is that supposed to mean, Jacob?”

Jake: “Heh. Nothing love.” (o.o)

On a side note, ever see the Steven Universe episode Keystone Motel? Ruby and Sapphire fighting in that episode is exactly how I picture every fight Dani and Bastian ever had. I can honestly see Dani shouting “you’re not as above this as you think you are!” and Bastian just going “yes, I am.”  😛

20 – What is (was?) Ella’s favorite food? (Yes, this is a very important question, it must be answered right away!)

Ella: “Chicken and lentil soup with rosemary. It was the third dish I ever learned to make. It beat a number of things that the Wolfcamp would make and the ingredients weren’t too hard to find. I wouldn’t make it too often.”

That does sound pretty freaking delicious, omg. o.o

21 – If Jake knew exactly why Dani wanted him to poison her, would he still have done it?

Jake: “Probably. She was dying regardless of what I did and I understand why she’d want to do it that way. If I hadn’t be led to believe I caused her death it wouldn’t have been half as painful to live with as it currently is. I don’t understand why she had to lie. I’m still angry.”

22 – What is Evin’s problem with Jake other than him killing Dani? I mean, for what I understand those two never really got along much.

Evin: “Where do I even start with Jake? Hmmmm… Loyalty. Perry left the pack and he became the Shadow. Sean betrayed the basic pillars by which the Pack stood and look at the pain it’s caused. The White Rose left the Pack and she’s just a ripe old ass. If was from that moment, when Jake left the Pack alive that I couldn’t hold any semblance of trust for him. He also took Dani away. I can’t blame him entirely for that. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t mad at Dani for never telling me. But what happened to Dani doesn’t matter.

This is all ignoring the fact that Jake is just intolerable as a human being. If he could get his head out of his ass and come to realize what is important in life… I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Jake: “Wow, screw you. Was it really necessary to bring Lena into this, you asshole? I suppose leaving the Wolfpack to stay true to your own beliefs and morals is only okay when you do it then, right? Otherwise, how are you any more justified than the people who actually stayed regardless of Sean and are actually trying to clean up his mess now? How are you any more loyal than Katelyn or Franklin or how many others whose deaths you caused in the past three years? At least I’m not some self-righteous hypocrite who believes everyone should follow his personal standards of what loyalty means and what’s important in life. No wonder you’re so fucking miserable!”

Crys: “Jacob, that’s enough!”

Jake: “…” *sigh* “Whatever. I’m done here.”

Crys: “Jakey…”

Well, that… ended well…?

Ehem, I think we might wanna let Jakey cool down a bit now and consider this little Q&A over with. *mumbles* Actually went better than expected…

So that’s it. Hope you guys had some chuckles from this and see you when I see you!



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