Heck Yeah!

This week started out great!

First of all, my sister got me peanut butter. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but a) peanut butter is sadly not as easy to obtain where I live as it is in the US and b) it’s awfully nice when someone gets you something just because; doesn’t matter what it is.

So, hooray for that!

Most of all, though, I was working on a translation project all day and as much as I bitched about this being something I did out of necessity because I just happen to have a knack for it, and I never liked it all that much… GAH, it’s good to be doing something again. It’s great to feel productive and you know what? I actually missed doing this. I missed formatting documents and setting up my CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool and nitpicking over what words go better with the intended context and… Holy fuck I actually like doing this. *sigh*

So yeah, a good Monday for a change. For me at least. My grandpa is not doing so well, though.

One more reason to bury myself in work, I guess. :/



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