I’m Too Old For This Shit…

Am I the only one who’s in a state of perpetual confusion while on the internet these days?

I’m constantly asking myself stuff, like “wtf is a ‘tsundere’? who the hell is John Cena? Why is shouting his name a joke? WHAT IS THIS? WHERE AM I?”

It’s like I just woke up from a fifty-year-long coma and all known languages have been replaced with inside jokes I’m completely unaware of. =.=



3 thoughts on “I’m Too Old For This Shit…

  1. I know this feel all too well. I get a double helping of it, because at work I’m surrounded by people who speak this way, communicating only in memes I don’t understand, then I go home and start trying to do my “real work” and drown in it.
    Bloody awful. And people wonder why the world’s going to hell…

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