Book Playlist Moment: Icon For Hire – The Grey/Only a Memory

These two songs are so unbelievably perfect for Ali that they give me serious chills.

In fact, The Grey kind of reminds me of a conversation Ali has with Eric in this book’s epilogue (yeah, that’s pretty far in the future, I know), where he points out that she would rather cling to pain because she’s afraid to find out what kind of person she’d become without it. And her response is to tell him to stop looking for her and walking away.

And Only a Memory kind of makes me think further down the road, near the end of the next book… Although I don’t think I can say exactly why lol. Just listen, is good music. >.>

So yeah, you guys go listen to that and I’m gonna go to sleep. Its gonna be a long week, I can feel it. 🙂

Night guys!



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