Crystal Artwork Commission

It’s finally ready. I was SO EXCITED for this. I was looking forward to it and holy crap, it looks even better than I expected.

Now, Jakey got a black and white portrait, Dastan got some red in the mix for his cape and sash, but for Crys, I decided to ask for a fully colored picture with a background and oh my God. It looks stunning!

No more words, just look at it:


The artists behind this masterpiece are the same guys who drew Dastan. They go by Ankonox on deviant art. You can also find them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you like what they did here, go check out their work, show them some internet wuvs.

If all continues to go well for me and I get time to finish some more character sheets I’ll definitely be commissioning them again in the future. I mean they do characters of all types, armor, clothing, weapon designs, sigils and things like that, and I am more than willing to just give them all my money at this point. I am quite honestly in love with their work. So, seriously guys, if you can, go check them out and show them your support for me, because they sure as hell deserve it.



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