Doing Some Clean Up

I’m going to do some cleaning up around the blog in the next few days… Getting rid some unnecessary self-pings, deleting some reblogs of posts that are long since gone, editing my categories and the like.

I may also try out some new themes, so if you come around and stuff looks horribly different, it’s just me playing with different themes and settings… no need for panic…

Unless I forget where stuff used to be, then I’ll probably panic a little bit. ^^



9 thoughts on “Doing Some Clean Up

  1. Not sure where it’s buried at this point – the app lacks this feature and I don’t have a computer at present – but somewhere in the WP Admin, there’s an option to do a site backup. Do that, make your tweaks, then if you forget where you started and don’t like the result, easy to fix. Good luck!

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    • I’ve been a bit absent myself, not just here, but from all the blogs I used to read regularly as well… Think having a look at my subscriptions is going to be next on the list.

      Turning on email notifications on posts might make it a bit easier to stay caught up than if I try to remember to check my reader regularly. =P

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  2. I have been there, done this too. I am going through my followers list still. I have found blogs that have not posted since 2015, some that don’t even have links to a blog, some have expired domains and others are just business adds. I have one follower blog that is just for a single book. I guess it takes all kinds.
    There is the try and customize button, don’t panic unless you push the save and activate button. I hope you find a theme you can be happy with. 🙂

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