Because of You Guys (1000+ Posts!)

One more thing while I’m around…

Apparently, I passed my 1000 post mark some time ago and didn’t realize it.

Heh. You all know how hectic life has been, so… Don’t hold it against me, okay?

Still, even though I missed the opportunity to make a memorable 1000th post, I’d like to say a little something…


You guys are the reason I didn’t give up.

I don’t have a large amount of followers; considering that probably only a small fraction of my follower count actually reads what I post, and I usually get around 20 views on a good day. I think that’s pretty great for a blog of my level. I don’t particularly have a plan, or rhyme or reason, where it comes down to content and I’m not active enough in the community to warrant a steady influx of new visitors, so I’m content with the fact people have found me and continued to stop by on regular basis in the past couple of years. It may not seem like it sometimes, but it means a lot to me.

I wouldn’t have stuck around this long, or written over a thousand posts on this blog, if I felt I was alone in this. So the fact that I’m here for as long as I have is all on you guys.

You all inspire me with just your presence. And I’m grateful.

Just saying. >.>



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