Prequel Hell

You’d expect prequels to be easy, right? Especially when it deals with characters already present in the main story. You already know these people and their history, it’s just a matter of writing it down, isn’t it?

Suuure… Because EVERYTHING in writing is exactly as easy as it sounds. >.>

Look, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. This isn’t a rant post. I’m actually enjoying the process of plotting out Shadows Rise. It’s being quite an interesting journey exploring some of these characters further than the Shadows Series would allow me. Bastian Rivers dies really early on in the first RP, Dani Rivers dies offscreen in between SOE and SOP, they shared very few scenes, and there was no room to explore their past and their relationship.

That’s the thing, though, with prequels… In SOE, Bastian is the Second-in-Command of the Wolfpack, he is already Dani’s husband, Crystal’s father… We know where his path leads and, as much as I plan to write this story as a stand-alone; something that can be followed and understood with no knowledge of the original series, for those people who read it knowing the main story, they’ll know Bastian becomes a Wolf, they’ll know who lives, who dies, and whose relationships are left forever changed by the events of this little war. It’s been told in bits and pieces throughout the RPs. So what is there to make this actually entertaining? Well, prequels are interesting because it allows you to get to know well-established characters and see how they became what they are; how the evolved into themselves. And that can be fascinating if done well ooor… It can be the Star Wars prequels. =.=

Let’s face it, the only point of Episodes I, II, and III of Star Wars was to show how Anakin Skywalker became Darth Vader and what we got didn’t exactly live up to expectations.

Now, I’m not saying the thing I’m writing is nearly as hyped as anything Star Wars related, but I’m using that as an example of why I consider this process to be extremely complicated; taking these characters who were well into their forties in the beginning of the Shadows Series, sure of what and who they were, and write them now as clueless, angry children stuck in the middle of this conflict.

Dani Rivers still is, and always will be, considered the greatest leader the Wolfpack has ever known. The name Rivers was such a weight on Crys’ shoulders in SOP because of her that she crumbled underneath it, and… In Shadows Rise she’s not Dani Rivers. Her last name was Preston and she was a fifteen-year-old kid feeling that same weight of responsibility, terrified of not living up to expectations, hearing everyone say she was the ‘future of the Wolfpack’. She was the one unsure of what being Alpha even meant or if that’s what she wanted to be. And looking at this kid reminds me of looking at little Anakin from Phantom Menace and thinking “welp, this is either going to be REALLY good or a complete disaster.”

I’m… Aiming for the opposite of Phantom Menace here, though. Let’s see how it turns out. XP



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