Ask a Char-… Oh, wait.

So yeah, my friend left me some questions about the RP in my RPG inbox the other night after I went to sleep and, surprisingly, they weren’t directed at my characters, they were directed at me and Doom. Some of them are a bit tricky for me, but I’ll do my best to answer them all.

1 – What Valcrest faction would you be in and why?

B.B: Uhm… I have no idea. If I could pick and choose and then automatically be granted the skills needed to fill that role, I’d want to be on Crys’ crew. However, if you’re asking where I think I’d fit in… Probably with the Crimson. Which sucks, because living in the Desert sounds like it would be my worst nightmare. Scorching heat and sand all over the fucking place. It’s like the beach with no Ocean. And the ocean is the only thing I like about the beach. =.=

Doom: I’d probably be in the White Shadows seeing as they have a tendency to do the opposite of killing and I’m known to be quite a pacifist. I think pretty much any sane person should pick the same answer. (gee, thanks XP)


2- If you could choose one of your characters to bring into the real world for a day, who would you choose and what would you talk about/do together?

B.B: Thaaat’s… That’s a complicated question. Asking me to choose just one of my characters for anything is in itself a complication, but if I had to… As tempting as it may be to bring Luckas and set him loose on some people, I think I’d rather choose to bring Crys and just… Show her all my favorite music and just hang out. She seems like she would be the easiest of my characters to entertain.

Doom: It would definitely be Ella. She’s the most down to earth out of all my characters. She seems like she’d be the most likely to be down to just going to see a movie and then come back to my apartment to cook some delicious food. It kinda sounds like I’d want to date her, but it just sounds like a typical day out with any of my friends.

3 – Which of your characters has the closest personality to yours and which of them would you aspire to be more like?

B.B: Uhm… God damn it, these are tricky. I think Ali and Dastan respectively. None of my characters is exactly like me, personality-wise, and they’re all at least a little bit like me at the same time (even Sam; scary, I know) but Ali comes closest, especially when she’s being irrational and/or stubborn, or when she’s interiorizing her emotions not to inevitably burden others with them; like she is right now with her whole… Dying… situation.

And Dastan is just… Never mind he is THE most charismatic person in the Universe, he’s just a very positive guy 99% of the time. It took almost his entire clan being obliterated to put him in a dark state of mind and that lasted for about two days before he was like “Fuck it, I’m gonna go out and kick some ass.” I wish I could bounce back that quickly. I wish I could have been that strong in some of my darker moments these past months, even.

Doom: All my characters have a bit of me in them. I have Evin’s stubbornness, Ella’s desire for a simple life, Hastings’ crass behavior (at times), Rita’s sensibility, Dominic’s loyalty and Lamya’s (yes, even Lamya) philosophical views on life. Out of all of them, I think I’d aspire to be like Ella the most. She didn’t really have her life figured out, yet, but she seemed willing to accept what had to be done and knew how to do it.

4 – What was your favorite scene to write in each RP so far?

B.B: Oh, geez. There are waaay too many to count, but I’ll try to pick.

In SOE, the entire climax of that RP was unbelievably fun to write. Heck, a huge chunk of the castle got blown to bits!

In SOP, it has to be Crys’ return from ‘death’. I mean, Jake and Evin’s confrontation in the dungeon riot earlier in the RP tops it as my favorite moment by a little bit, but when it comes down to what I enjoyed writing the most, it was Crys’ return. I was cackling like a supervillain writing the posts leading up to it and hinting that she was coming back. It was something I had been carefully planning, building up to, and eagerly awaiting for quite a while. And I think until this day that was the one moment I managed to pull off exactly the way I wanted and how I envisioned it in my head.

As for SOF, well… We have a little ways to go yet, and it’s subject to change, especially knowing some of the things about to come up down the road, but counting only what’s been posted; whether it’s already written or not… So far…  It’s a close tie between  Sean and Evin’s conversation after Kate dies and Ali’s archery battle with ‘A.J’ during the Wolves’ attack on the Crimson. Exploding archery battles are the only battles I actually enjoy writing. 😛

Doom: In the first RP, I got the chance to write Bastian’s death scene with the permission of Blackbird. Getting to do such an evil thing so early in the RP was great.

In SOP my favourite scene is a tie between Sean’s scene with Evin at the end and Evin’s fight scene with Mageria. The prison break scene comes in a close second.

SOF has so many moments that its hard to even remember what happens. I’d say that my favourite bit in that one was the scene when Lamya had her conversation with Jake.

5 – Favorite line of dialogue in the series?

B.B: I feel this is an impossible question. There is a lot of dialogue and a lot of great dialogue in this series. However, I feel that Ella shouting “NO ONE FUCKING DIES” in the middle of the castle halls needs to be near the top of that list. In my mind that is nearly as hilarious as Dumbledork’s “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, YOU MOTHERFUCKERS?” in My Immortal.

Doom: I wouldn’t even know where to start with this one. I wouldn’t even be able to give you a single line of dialogue that I remember verbatim.

6 – Who do you secretly ship (existing couples obviously don’t count!)?

B.B: I don’t know how much of a secret it is at this point that I ship Evin and Mageria, lol. I also ship Lily and Clayton, but only when they’re much older; obviously. ^^”

Doom: Definitely Evin and Mageria ; )

7 – Any crackships or NOTPs?

B.B: Mageria and Hastings are my crackship. I know Doomed hates me a little bit for it, but what can I do? lol As for NOTPs… Hm… Anything that breaks up the Cake or the Swady (that’s Luke and Ess ; Sweetness x Lady ^^), but most of all Crys and Evin. That’s the biggest NOPE in the Universe to me.

Doom: Nope! Nope, nope, nope!

8 – What was the most infuriating decision one of your characters has made against your will so far?

B.B: Dani blatantly lying to Jake about her condition and tricking him to kill her has to be the number one most infuriating thing to me.

Doom: Evin poisoning Kate. Really just heartless of Evin to do such a thing.

9 – What’s the most epic friendship in this series?

B.B: In my opinion, it’s a close tie between Grim and Mageria and Ess and Jake.

Doom: Evin and Allison. It is so natural to write and generally so relaxed. While Evin’s bond with Crys is stronger, it isn’t anywhere near the same as Evin and Allison’s bond. Honestly, I think the writing speaks for itself on this one.

10 – Ultimate badass?

B.B: As much as I hate to admit it, Perry is the greatest badass in this series by a far. Excluding him, though… I think Mageria, Grim, Theron is the order.

Doom: Hate to say it, but Perry. Raised an assassin, fakes his death, becomes a White Shadow, murders countless enlightened in an attempt to gain powers unimagined, fools Lena (regarded as one of the smarter people in Valcrest), murders and then pretends to be the king of Newhaven while still a White Shadow, fools the court and the people of Newhaven and plots to bring down the Wolves. I don’t think anyone else in this series could have pulled it off with nearly the level of success as Perry. He was a bad guy, but no doubt, a real bad ass one.

12 – Favorite villain (although I have a feeling this one’s obvious)?

B.B: It is definitely obvious it’s Perry.

Doom: Read question 10.

13 – Most huggable character?

B.B: Dastan. The guy is a giant teddy bear of a man.

Doom: I feel like Annie needs a hug.

14 – That guy/girl you just love to hate?

B.B: Hastings. Definitely Hastings.

Doom: Some may say Hastings, some may say Lamya, but I’m personally a member of the Sean hate train.

15 – Saddest sob story?

B.B: Ella and what I know of Hastings make good contenders for this, and so does Ess, but… Lukey had it pretty horrible from the get-go. He was just born into horribleness and just thrown from horribleness to horribleness until he was fifteen. And I know damn well there’s still some horribleness in his future too. >.>

Doom: I may be partial to my characters and frankly, it is still in development, but Hastings had a pretty shitty early childhood. I mean, you don’t start drinking at 10 years old because of nothing.

16 – Best fight scene in the series?

B.B: None of mine, that’s for sure. Evin x Theron in SOE, Evin x Mageria in SOP, Mageria x Grim in SOF.

Doom: Again, I’m partial to myself here, but I do really enjoy the fight between Mageria and Evin. I read it back to myself every once in a while and it’s always a joy to read.

17 – Trippiest WTF moment in the series?

B.B: Everything Krander, definitely. Excluding him, though, there are two I’d like to bring up:

– When two men assisting in Hastings’ escape from custody convinced a man that they were Mageria and got him to sign a document with the promise of ‘lewd acts’, that may or not involve whips and monocles.

– Grim’s unconscious dream visions which included really trippy alternate versions of our characters and something about… melon juice… and muffins… you’d have to read it. lol

Doom: Anything that Krander did.

18 – Most badass moment by a seemingly non-badass character?

B.B: Ali nearly killed Perry in SOE, she stabbed him in the eye and that was pretty badass; despite our inability to write it decently. Also, Annie telling Sean, while he’s holding a knife to her, that he should put it away if he’s not planning on using it “otherwise it just makes you look stupid”.

Doom: That moment when Lena died so epicly that her enlightenment rippled through Valcrest.

19 – Most heartbreaking death?

B.B: So many deaths happened since then, but it has to be Bastian for me, still.

Doom: All those poor Lionels out there. Seriously though, I’d say Kate’s. So needless.

20 – Favorite heartwarming moment?

B.B: Evin giving Crys her father’s sword after she comes back.

Doom: There is a moment in the RP where Allison and Ella have a conversation with each other. It is the closest to normal that I feel Ella ever got to be and to see Allison as a mentor of sorts fills my heart with some joy.

21 – That moment that still makes you cry every time?

B.B: I cry at everything every time. >.>

Doom: I’ve yet to cry at anything in this RP. I’m lucky because with most stuff, I know things in advance and can prepare myself. I did, however, write something not too long ago that hasn’t been published yet that had me in tears as I wrote it. It was pretty embarrassing, too, because I’d written it during my break at work, so when I came back from my break my eyes were all red and puffy.

22 – Any moments you regret or wish you had written differently?

B.B: I think the Ali-Shadow fight doesn’t count, seeing as I did rewrite it, but… Every dialogue between Dani and Crys could have been handled a thousand times better in my opinion. I also regret not pulling the plug on the Beast thing before it got out of hand. Cleaning that up was way more trouble than we needed.

Doom: I think both Blackbird and I will agree that the fight scene between Perry and Allison in SOE is the single worst thing that either of us has written for this RP. We bring it up on at least a bi-monthly basis over Skype.

So there we go, guys… A little… Random author interview thing. Hope you enjoyed and… My head still hurts so I’ll probably take a nap now or something. ^^

Laters, guys!



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