A Quick Update Before Our Scheduled Programming!

Hey, guys!

I’m due for another NITWIT post and trust; that will be up by Sunday night. Actually, it’s gonna def be up tomorrow at some point. Today I’m going to get started on those MLP reviews I said I’d do. As for the Steven Universe reviews I mentioned… While the show is down to one episode a week, I’m going to wait for it to go into hiatus and then start reviewing from episode one. And, unlike MLP, I’ll probably review ALL of them; two at a time, since they’re 11-minute episodes (with the exception of Bismuth). The reason I’m reviewing all of them is that, to me, all of them have at least one noteworthy thing about them. Either that or something that becomes plot relevant later. I honestly don’t know how to skip episodes when talking about this show.

For MLP, like I said, I’m going to do season openers, notable episodes, and then season finales.

For both shows, as much as I LOVE them, I will point out things I consider flaws and will do my very best to be, you know, unbiased, about tearing into them.

So today you’ll get a review of Friendship is Magic, parts one and two! And then tomorrow NITWIT. And maybe I’ll try to keep that a weekly thing, although… I’m not gonna make any promises. =P

It’s worth noting that I’m a lot better; mentally and emotionally, even if my allergies are starting to kick my ass (yay, Spring!); heck, I’ve even been sleeping better and waking up before ten during the week, but I’m still hoping to start a course or two and get picked to do some more work soon, so I can’t predict my schedule. I’m not one of those people who can do a million things in a day. Unfortunately. >.>



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