Guys, Please Look at This! (Help The Wolfies!)

Someone I follow shared this petition on deviant art. I’ll post the info from the petition page below, please sign and share it. I don’t know how getting the 6000 signatures will help, but it takes less than a minute to put your name down. It doesn’t hurt one bit.

It has been announced September 2016 that Norway has authorised the “mass slaughter” of 47 of its endangered wolf population! The killing is to be undertaken by hunters. 

“The regional predatory animal boards have resolved an overall permissions to kill a quota of 47 wolves, 24 of these within the wolf zone, this year and next year.

“Under the arrangements, 24 wolves will be shot within the region of the country designated for wolf habitat, while another 13 will be shot in neighbouring regions and a further 10 in other areas of the country.”

Hunting is a popular sport in Norway with reports stating that just “last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves.”

Norway, which has more than 200,000 registered hunters, has one of Europe’s smallest wolf populations.

“According to environmental groups, the number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911.”

“Shooting 70% of the wolf population is not worthy of a nation claiming to be championing environmental causes. People all over the country, and outside its borders, are now reacting.”
It is said the losses to farmers from wolves had been minimal, and pointed to settlements by the Norwegian parliament in 2004 and 2011 that stipulated populations of carnivores must be allowed to co-exist with livestock.

The original Scandinavian wolf population died out during the 1960’s. The wolves today are descended from a small number of animals from the Finnish-Russian population that dispersed as far as southern Scandinavia in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Only 65-68 wolves were registered last winter in Norway, according to ‘Rovdata’ (this is an independent part of the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) with its own board and staff, they provide monitoring data.) It is expected that their numbers will have increased after the birth of an unknown number of pups in April and May. Approximately 25 wolves were observed near the border neighbouring Sweden last winter.

This move is understandably condemned by outraged environmental groups.

Norway should be ashamed.

Please sign and share this petition.

Again, here is the link. Please sign and share this. It doesn’t hurt in the slightest.



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