Morning Guys!

Today is MLP review day, so I’ll get on that in a bit, but… I also wanted to do something for Halloween. Yeep. I did that Horror movie quiz that one time and it was pretty fun, so I was thinking something along those lines. Only maybe I’ll a) not make it so difficult b) not just give the hints straight up and c) give away something better than a link to a Steamgifts giveaway. I mean, I can’t give a prize to everyone who solves it, I’m not made of money, but I’ll make a giveaway where you can pick which prize you want if you win (say a Steam game worth $10 or a $10 Amazon gift card… etc… It’s not gonna be worth more than 10-15 bucks, guys. I’m poor, don’t judge >.>)

I don’t know, I’ll think it over and plan it out. I could also work out a scavenger hunt type deal because those are fun, but they’re also a bit tricky to do. The quiz might be easier.

I’ll let  you know when October hits what I’ll do if I decide to do it. ^^

Stay tuned for ponies!



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