Trying To Write Someone Else’s Characters…

First I was like…



But now I’m like…


Seriously, I don’t know these people I’m trying to write and it’s really frustrating. And I know what you guys might be thinking: “Oh, Bird, then just don’t write them. Why do you have to do that?” Well… Because these characters are great, their writer gave me control of them when she left SOF and I simply left them sitting in the background because I was too much of a coward to try and write them then.

And you know, I think that because I like these characters so much it makes it worse. I could just make them mine and write them my way, but I’m so attached to how they were written before that I’m just never happy with it. Yeah, that’s something I need to make my peace with. They’re always going to look like I’ve been writing them from now on.

Hey, I’m determined. I can do it… Somehow… 

Wish me luck. o.O



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