Oh, I’ve been baaaad

I was supposed to have my SOF post done by now, but the past couple of days. Oh noes.

Doom and Wifey got Don’t Starve Together and… My free writing time has been taken over by hours-long play sessions with those two.

I honestly forgot how unbelievably fun that game is, and that’s especially true when you have other people to play with. I mean, I’ve only ever played with my ten-year-old nephew, and even though he’s a good player; almost as good as me if not better, he’s a kid. He gets cranky if he dies, he’s always hanging around me and doesn’t go do his own things. It gets a bit exhausting after a while.

And while I’m a team player; if I have the resources to spare I’ll make you tools, if I have food to spare I’ll give you it, etc… I like to go and explore without having to worry about someone else all the time. >.>

I’m like a cat. I’ll bring you dead things to eat when I get back, but don’t wait up for me. 😛

Today is a Holiday here. So I’m going out with the family. Nothing much, but it’s good to be out of the house. That said, I’ll try; once again, to get NITWIT done when I get home. And then go back to my post.



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