Shadows Rise Playlist: Selfish And Cold

I’m doing a lot of math to get this prequel just right guys. And I hate it. OMG.

Not the story just math. I hate math. Fuck math.

I’m making good progress though and I’m also slowly building a playlist for it. It was originally called “Valcrest G1” on my YouTube but now I renamed it Shadows Rise. And this song, I decided, will be Dani’s theme after the Red Night which is, until this day, still one of the most devastating moments in the Wolfpack’s history and the attack that left Dani as Alpha. More than that, the events of the Red Night and Wolfpack’s retaliation will put a strain on Dani’s two major relationships, which will contribute to her emotional pain for a while.

This isn’t a very happy story, have I mentioned that? >.>



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