Writing Updates And Stuff

Okay, so here’s my writing status at the moment: I managed to get that SOF post out finally and I’m so full of energy now, omg. I’ve been working on Shadows Rise non-stop since last night and I couldn’t be happier about it, really.



This is what my character tab on Plotist looks like right now (sort of)


I’m still working their backgrounds because, like I mentioned, a lot of math is going into making all the dates match and getting people’s ages down and it’s a tiny nightmare, but a necessary evil that will, I hope, really pay off in the long run.



This was a bit censored due to spoilers and for privacy reasons. >.>

So yeah, right now I’m writing this while getting something to eat and then I’m gonna go back to it because when I’m on a roll I have to take as much advantage of it as I can. ^.^

As for the blog, I’m hoping to get my late reviews and NITWIT posts out around Friday-Saturday-Sunday and go back on a schedule next week. I’m also going to try and get a Halloween Top 10 and a very late Nightmare Before Christmas review out before the 31st. I have the Halloween quiz in mind already as well. It’s going to be horror movie quotes this time instead of theme songs; I’m hoping people will find that easier. The prize for solving it will be a giveaway entry and the prize will have to be $10 on Paypal or a Steam game of that same value because I can’t buy Amazon gift cards at the moment (credit card issues, not worth get into it). For participants from deviant art (because I’m also putting the quiz on my journal and on the forums there) I can offer core membership or points, but for everyone else; those will be the options. It’s a symbolic gift, really. Hopefully, in the future, I can offer cooler stuff. ^.^’

That all said, my main focus is to try and get my character bios and a rough timeline done for Shadows Rise before November hits. If I can, then I’m going to use NaNoWriMo to get as much writing done for it as I possibly can. If that’s the case expect my posts to revolve a little bit around how I’m driving myself insane and I regret everything. >.>

Until then, though…

Later guys. XP




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