About Shadows Rise

I’m taking it slow today. I’m coming down with something and I’m a bit tired. I’m still working on my stuff, but not as obsessively as the past few days. My excitement hasn’t faded, though.

What do you guys do in preparation for a big project? I cleaned my desk today. That’s something that I normally do about once a week (every two weeks at most), but with how exhausted and depressed I had been… I neglected it for MONTHS. Today I woke up and just did it. New leaf. That part of my life needs to be done and over with. I need to be back in a place where I clean my desk religiously every week. I also got a new gemstone in my small collection; an amethyst. They’re good stones to have around while working on projects as they promote emotional stability and focus. I also plan on getting a smoky quartz as soon as I can. Another good stone for dealing with anxiety. >.>


I haven’t properly discussed this prequel thing I’m doing yet and, while I’m taking a small break from working on it, I decide now might be the time to do this.

Shadows Rise is a prequel to the Shadows Series; my group’s roleplay story. However, it is actually set in an alternate timeline from the RPs. That decision is based on the major changes we decided to make when we go into our rewrite stage. One of those changes will drastically change the course of the story, especially the SOE story arc. I will talk about these changes in the end of this post preceded by a major spoiler warning.

First and foremost, though… Let me briefly explain what Shadows Rise is about in a way people who never visited this blog might actually follow:

The story follows two sides of a conflict between our clan of assassins; the Wolfpack, and a group of expertly trained hunters intent on bringing them down; the Wolf Hunters. The main characters of the story are my character Crystal’s parents; Dani and Bastian. Dani is the daughter of the Wolfpack’s Alpha, and their future leader, while Bastian and his brother Kyle become the youngest members of the Wolf Hunters at age thirteen. Don’t worry this isn’t going to be a Romeo and Juliet type deal. No one actually likes those since the original came out. Actually, I’ve partially spoiled how they meet; it’s in here somewhere, but I’m not gonna link it. You go find it if you want. 😛

Either way, in the first RP (Shadows of The Enlightened) it is established that Bastian was a Wolf Hunter and that he betrayed the Hunters after he was sent to kill Dani and was unable to finish her off. She asked him to join her and lied to the whole of the Wolfpack about who he really was. This causes all sorts of hell between the Pack and the Hunters as they believe Bastian to be dead. A lot of people die on the Pack’s side and the Wolf Hunters are annihilated. That’s the story of Shadows Rise. Plain and simple. I decided to just write this in a way people who never had contact with the RPs will read and understand and that will give our few existing readers a lot more insight on Dani and Bastian’s history, but also the Wolf Hunters and who they were as people. Because in the main story, they’re gone. They’re alluded to by Wolves as something the Pack survived and not as human beings. There’s literally no one left to speak for them now.


(You’ve been warned)………..

(Seriously, stop right here if you don’t want spoilers)


(This is really major stuff, not kidding)


(Alright, you made your choice. >.>)


In Shadows of The Enlightened, the RP version of it, we meet Theron Lockwood. He’s the last surviving Wolf Hunter, now going by the name of Shadow Hunter. And he’s intent on getting revenge on Dani and Bastian for what they did to his group. Now, Theron… He was an amazing character. Sibrand; his writer, applied for SOE with him and I took one look at his background and I immediately thought he needed to be connected to Bastian’s past. I made him and his twin brother Wolf Hunters. We made him and Theron best friends. And we created the Red Night. And I know this is the spoiler section, but I’m not going to say what the Red Night is even here. It’s a major event in Shadows Rise and one I’m super excited to write in a very twisted way lol, as one does. Moving on… Theron, in the middle of SOE, has his eyes opened about some things from the past and he manages to make peace with the Wolves in a way. Sebastian dies before they are able to speak and that’s… Really sad now that I think about it, wow, but he and Dani form a bond of friendship in the aftermath of it all. For the rest of the RP, he helps out the Wolfpack hunt the real villain and in the end of SOE he leaves.

Sibrand is no longer with us. And, let me make clear what I mean with that; in February 2013 we had a message posted from his account in our OOC forum in SOF saying basically that it was his brother posting and that he had… Committed suicide. It also said that Sibrand had asked that a message was left for us. Most of it was goodbyes and thank yous and all of that, but he also expressed how close he felt to Theron and asked that we kill him and bury him alongside Dani and Bastian. It’s three years later now and we still haven’t gotten to a point in the story where we can do that, it needs to be closer to the ending, but the passing of time hasn’t made the thought of burying Theron any easier for me. The RPs wouldn’t be what they were if not for Sibrand and Theron, a lot of my characters wouldn’t be who they are if not for Theron. And putting him to rest will be a hurtful event for them as well as for me.

That said, we decided that for the rewrites, we couldn’t have Theron as a major character. Not only because Sibrand expressed he wants the character put to rest, but because; unlike the characters of all other players who left and that we intend to have around in some manner, we can’t have his consent to write him. As a result, the major change from the original series will be that Theron won’t be the Wolf Hunter who survives. I’m not going to say who’s going to be, but yeah… Theron won’t become the Shadow Hunter on the rewrites. The basics of the story will be the same; they’ll make peace with the Wolves, with the past, and help the Wolves prepare for the final battle, but the person who’s going to be involved in these events is an entirely different individual from Theron, thus every interaction will drastically change from the original story. It’s going to be a bit of a ride.

Now Sibrand… He was an amazing writer. He was a temperamental RPer to manage and we clashed a lot where it came down to what liberties he could take within our Universe; I’m the GM after all, but I can’t begin to express how much I loved the guy. I can’t begin to express how thankful I still am that he joined SOE and gave us Theron. And how much I still miss having him as a part of our group. If you look at the character bios I posted I say that the Wolf Hunters were his creation, although developed by me. Other than Theron himself, the others were names and vague personality traits. At some point during SOF, I started a journal for Bastian and in it, I wrote a bit more about each individual Hunter, with Sibrand’s input. He was happy with how I wrote them, and a younger Theron, then. So I’m sure he would be happy with how I’ll write them now. This is, in a way, our final collaboration and a different conclusion to Theron’s story.

Yikes, this took a more personal turn than I expect. ^^;



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