Stabbed In The Hand

Had to do medical exams… I hate needles, but, as I mentioned before, I like to watch my blood being drawn. As in, I just really like to stare at it. It freaks the lab attendants out sometimes. This lady today was pretty cool about it, though. And she even laughed when I went in the exam room and asked, “so you’ll be the one stabbing me today?” It’s reassuring when the person about to poke you with a needle has a healthy sense of humor.

She was also kind enough to listen when I ask that she draw blood from my hand and not my arm. First of all, my veins are really freaking hard to find for some reason, but also I bruise ridiculously easy and it hurts like a bitch afterward. The back of my hand is easier for me to protect from bumps and doesn’t hurt as much when I move it. A lot of lab attendants don’t want to do it because it ‘hurts more’, but you know I rather suffer a bit more for a moment than suffer for days after the fact; so put yourself in my situation.

After the exam, you get access to this coffee machine that has all sort of fancy coffees or tea, or hot chocolate, free of charge. After not having any food for twelve hours, tea isn’t gonna do shit so I usually go for hot chocolate since I don’t really like coffee. Buuut… the machine was out of hot chocolate today, so I had a latte instead. This was the first coffee I had in who knows how many years. It was okay.

I’m annoyed that they no longer give cookies unless you donate blood, though. I wanted my cookie.

That said, I should go back and donate some blood when I can. I’m O negative. >.>



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