10 Horror Films That Genuinely Scare Me

I’m not talking about movies that scared me when I was a kid, either. These are movies that I genuinely cannot watch if I plan to sleep at night. I’ll definitely be watching some of them this Halloween…

10 – The Original Friday The 13th

I know what people usually say about this; how can anyone be genuinely scared of a slasher film? They are so over the top and stupid!

Weell… That’s true. And I don’t know what to say about this, except this was literally the first horror movie I ever watched and Momma Voorhees made a very lasting impression on me.


Seriously, Jason’s got nothing on her! o.o

9 – The Original Nightmare on Elm Street

I hate that I now have to keep putting ‘the original’ in front of these movies names. Like someone could possibly think the shitty remake and its pussified version of Freddy Krueger could possibly scare anyone. =.=

But I digress.

Admittedly, the concept of this movie scares me a lot more than Freddy Himself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, look at the fucker; he’s scary as hell:


“Ladies…”  😉

However, what scares me most about this movie is the idea of something or someone able to hurt you in your sleep and affect you in real life. You guys know that old saying ‘you can never die in your dreams’? It stems from the belief that you literally cannot die in a dream. That if you, for instance, get shot in a dream, your mind will jolt you awake before you feel the bullet or something along those lines. Well, I don’t know how that kind of thing works for most people, but I die in my dreams all the time. I literally die. I once got shot in the gut and I felt it and I DIED. Then I woke up and that’s fine, but if this fucker was real I’d be fucking screwed because my mind doesn’t bother to wake me up in the face of imminent death apparently.

Luckily for me, the one time I dreamed about Freddy, Luckas showed up and kicked his ass, lol. It’s not implausible that this happened either since a) Lukey is a telepath who literally lives inside my mind and b) he hates child molesters with the fire and fury of a thousand Suns, and while he was only originally intended to be a child molester in the original films… We know what kind of scum you are, Freddy. Fuck you. >.>

If I ever write fan fiction again it will be Freddy Vs Luckas. *snort*

8 – The original Halloween

Do I even have to say ‘the original’ here? Has anyone actually been scared of the whiny remake Michael at any point? I mean, seriously. *sigh*

I need to properly review all these remakes. I didn’t even watch the Poltergeist one like I planned last year.

Anyway… Michael Myers!


“Lad-” okay, no, that doesn’t work for him. >.>

This guy is THE slasher killer. The embodiment of evil. No rhyme, no reason, no sob story of neglect (I’m looking at you, Jason); and no I’m not talking about the remakes. I’d need a whole series of posts to cover how fucking lame those movies are.

The idea of Michael is terrifying. The idea that such evil exists within any human being without an apparent cause or explanation is terrifying. And this movie gets that across so damn well. It’s still one of my all time favorites and still scares the crap out of me every time.

7 – IT (or ‘It’, I’ve seen it fully capitalized and not and I’m not sure which is right >.>)

Do I have to explain why I’m scared of this movie? I mean, knowing me as well as most of you do by now…. Do I really need to explain why I might be affected by a goddamn demon clown that turns into a goddamn demon spider? Do I? Seriously, Stephen King, I swear to all the Gods, if we ever meet..! =.=

No, I don’t want your fucking balloons, Tim Curry! FUCK YOU.


“Ladies…”  😉


6 – Arachnophobia

I’m not using a clip or screencap of this movie. I am not. You Google that shit if you want.

There are a lot of spider movies and they all freak me out because I do have arachnophobia, BUT, this is the only one that genuinely scares me. There’s a scene with this lady eating popcorn and the spider is in the popcorn and… GAH… I refused to go inside the bathroom for a month without an adult inspecting it first back when I first watched this movie. I still don’t go inside the bathroom without giving it a thorough look beforehand. This is the stuff my nightmares are made of.

This and zombie cats. (No, Pet Sematary won’t be on this list :P)

5 – Alien

The trailer from this movie is fantastic. “In space, no one can hear you scream.” You don’t need any more than that to understand why this movie is so terrifying. It’s the isolation. It’s being trapped with this thing that wants to kill you or worse (seriously, such rapey undertones in this movie if you look closely) and there is nowhere to run.

Also this creepy fucker:


“Ladies…”  😉

Seriously, just look at it! GAH.

4 – The Exorcist

This movie freaks me out. It’s one of the scariest movies of its time and, to me, it still holds up today. The idea of being preyed on by something you can’t see or physically fight and they you can’t escape, because it’s inside you, is unbelievably unsettling to me.

Also this creepy fucker:


“Ladies…”  😉

3 – The Original Poltergeist

I remember the first time I watched this movie; wasn’t that long ago, not even five years ago I think. The next day I went out with my friends and we went to the local shopping mall; because air conditioning (was a hot afternoon), and we decided to check out this appliance store. Once in there at one point every computer and TV monitor in the store started to get laggy and finicky (they were all showing the same random DVD and there was probably something off with it, to be fair) and I immediately bolted right out of the store without a word. Just nope. Fuck this noise. >.>

Also, that fucking clown doll!


“Kids…”  😉 (seriously, what parent would give their child this horrifying thing!?)

2 – The Shining

The only thing keeping this movie from the number one spot is that Jack Nicholson is just so… Jack Nicholson… Sometimes. I mean, when he goes full-on hammy, you just can’t not laugh at it. Still… There is more than enough unsettling stuff in this movie to make up for it. And in the more quiet, subdued moments, from Nicholson, you can clearly see that character’s mind delving deeper and deeper into a dark place. It’s fantastic.

Also, these weirdos:


“Gentlemen…”  😉

1 – The Omen

You know, I’ve been sitting here trying to explain why this movie scares the crap out of me the way it does and… It’s kind of hard to explain. Damien is a kid and he does nothing more than stare at things and make mildly creepy faces, but… Just the deaths occur in the movie as seemingly completely random events; accidents, and the way this movie is surrounded by real-life tragedies (seriously, look it up), it’s just so unsettling to me. The Omen is just a fantastic movie in the way it builds an atmosphere of just pure evil conspiring against its protagonist. It’s glorious.

I need to watch the sequels too. I haven’t til this day.

Also… This crazy bitch:


“Uh…Satan…?” :/ (Okay I’ve clearly taken this joke too far. Yep. >.>)

Honorable Mention: The Birds

Because we all know those assholes are just waiting for an opportunity to strike. =.=

This movie doesn’t actually scare me, but I do love it. Anything by Hitchcock is just absolutely fantastic. Even a ‘killer animal’ movie, which is a genre so stupid in its premise that I’m shocked things like this and Jaws actually pulled it off.

This man was a genius:


“Blonde ladies…”  😉

A very inappropriate and vindictive genius, if rumors are to be believed, but a genius nonetheless. >.>

So that’s it, guys. Ten horror movies that scare the crap out of me!

And stay tuned, I’ll be posting the Halloween quiz and the giveaway link at midnight tonight (my time, so around 10 PM EST). Solving the Quiz gives you a code word that you need to submit to validate your giveaway entry, it’ll be disqualified without it.

It’s gonna be movie quotes so it’ll be easy to solve (and you can Google it otherwise >.>), so I won’t be adding hints this time. 15 quotes. Easy peasy. ^_^

The giveaway will be open until November 20th, one entry per person, and a random winner selected. The prize will be 10 US dollars on Paypal.

Tomorrow I’m going to be watching some recommended movies and a few horrible remakes and live blogging my first impressions/disappointment here, so… Join me for that, maybe? It’ll be a fun Halloween for all of us not trick or treating. 😛

Later guys!



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