First Day of NaNo

I’m still adding something here and there, but I officially closed my word count at 2006 words today. That is, by NaNo’s official standards. Their word count somehow falls 78 words short from the count on Grammarly editor which is where I’ve been doing my actual writing for this.

I’m also extremely happy with my intro so far which is something that just does not happen for me ever. I always, always, hate my intros. Bastian and Kyle’s introduction is very, eh… interesting. lol

It’s definitely more lighthearted than I expected it to be, which is really a good thing considering how dark stuff’s about to get.

I’m pretty happy and relaxed right now, but I’m sure in a week or so I’ll be dying. I know me. It’s what I do. 😛

See you, guys!



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