Just a quick post before I start writing for the day. ^^

This new internet buddy I made through the blog here some time ago asked me, in light of recent posts that I made, if I’m anti-SJW. I didn’t know. So I had to go around and do my research on the internets. I figured I had been called SJW so many times just for saying I like Steven Universe that maybe it was time for me to figure out whether I should feel insulted by that.

The answer to my friend’s question remains the same; I don’t know. I couldn’t figure out if I agree with the term SJW and several of the definitions of the term I found were confusing and/or clearly biased by whoever wrote them. Which, fine I guess, we’re all biased. Heck, I met someone just yesterday who vehemently believes the Star Wars Prequels are better than the original trilogy. To each their own, is what I’m saying.

And I have at some points said I was anti-feminist before, although I don’t know if I can say that exactly seeing as I’ve since met feminists who weren’t insane extremists and that were genuinely great people open to discussion and to opinions different from their own. I wasn’t against them. They’re the type of people I love. Everyone should be like that regardless of what their ideologies are in life. Honest to God.

Back to the topic at hand, though… I have been watching a lot of YouTube videos with people expressing their opinions on both sides (my recommendations now look like a fucking political debate, but whatever) and based on my experiences, my inclinations are more against PC culture and “SJW” mentality.

Remember my “He/They” post? Things like that are textbook what these people do. And in the writing community on Tumblr it feels; pardon my terminology here, like a fucking plague.

I’m inclined against this sort of mentality for a much simpler reason than politics or ‘feeling offended’ or anything like that. My issue with PC culture and SJW mentality is that they are trying to create a society where what used to be paranoia fueled by my social anxiety; the thought that anything I say will offend people and that they all just hate my face by default regardless of what I do, is now becoming a reality. What these people are trying to implement on the world is literally my worst fucking nightmare.

Look, I have a lot of problems. Okay? I have a thyroid disorder, I’m overweight, I have social anxiety, I’ve been depressed, I’ve had suicidal thoughts, I’ve had some traumatic shit in my past, okay? And the thought that in order to be heard and accepted as a ‘valid opinion’ in this PC fucking ‘we are special little snowflakes’ society I have to go and bring that shit up because if you have never suffered in your life you’re privileged and that’s “wrong” is fucking insane. I don’t want to fucking play victim and I don’t want to expose my mental or emotional issues to people like that should be something I’m proud of. I’m not ashamed, but it’s an unhealthy part of me. It’s not something I want people to associate with WHO I AM. Mental illness, is not a fucking identity. It’s a god damn ILLNESS. It says so right there in the name.

I want a society where, as an apparently normal, ‘cisgendered’ (I hate that term, but there’s no energy left to go into why), straight, white person, I can speak without people saying that my opinion doesn’t matter because I haven’t been discriminated against or oppressed. It’s not a crime to not have been treated like shit; it should be the norm FOR EVERYONE.

Welp, I hope that answered that question. And to the blog-stalker who asked… You’re an awesome little potato, dude. Keep on being awesome. 😉



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