I’m a Horrible Person o.o

If you guys aren’t familiar with Day of The Tentacle, well, just know that it’s a sequel to a hard as all heck game called Maniac Mansion (at least I thought it was hard as heck). And it’s a very popular easter egg in DoTT that you can play Maniac Mansion in one of the computers in the house.

It is also a very popular thing that, in Maniac Mansion, you have the opportunity to commit a certain atrocity involving a hamster and a microwave; something I had never done when I played it back in the day, but… Guess what the Remastered version of DoTT decided to make into an achievement?



RIP lil‘ guy. >.>

It wasn’t pretty and I feel terrible, but I’m gonna 100% this bitch no matter the cost.  =.=




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