Is Writing a ‘Lonely’ Endeavor?

I hear that a lot, but… For me… I don’t feel that way at all. And it’s not just because I have about 30 people chatting away inside my head at any given time, but because ever since I started writing with others and sharing my stuff online, I’ve actually felt less lonely.

Now before you start pitying me; don’t. I have awesome people physically present in my life. And others who’ve moved away but continued to be a part of my life nonetheless. I wasn’t a recluse loner before I started RPing, but what I didn’t have were people who understood me on a creative level. There was no one in my life, and physically speaking there still isn’t tbh, who I could share my random ideas and be met with something other than complete confusion. As supportive and interested as my people were, there was a greater need that they were never going to be able to meet.

And then I joined RPG and oh boy did that change! Shadows of The Enlightened was this stupid little thing I started on a whim, but it opened up my eyes to the fact there are so many of us out there. Not to mention it was the beginning of what is possibly the biggest project I’ll ever be a part of.

So, yeah, when I’m actually writing; when I’m in the zone, I like to blast my music, lock the world outside the door and immerse myself. One can consider something like that as ‘lonely’ or as ‘isolation’, I call it focus. It’s just my process.

Loneliness is not a feeling I have. Not while writing anyways. >.>



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