Top 20 Steven Universe Songs (Part 01)

I’ve been binging some of these songs today and decided to make a little list. These are in order of preference, but… It changes sometimes. And I love almost every song in this show so much that a simple top 10 wouldn’t do. So here are my top 20 favorite songs from Steven Universe.

20) Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart – Laser Light Cannon

I’ve heard a lot of people complain about Greg’s singing voice, but honestly, I love all his songs. This is the first one and it’s so silly and sweet and I love his embarrassed face in the episode when Steven asked to hear it. He’s just such a lovable dude.

19) Haven’t You Noticed (That I’m a Star) – Sadie’s Song

This video loops the song for 4 minutes. I don’t mind, but you might want to turn it off now. This is THE CLINGIEST SONG to ever play in this show. And I wish there was a version with Sadie’s voice actress singing the whole thing. She never sings the whole song in the episode and she does sing really damn well.

*sings along* “Everybody needs a friend and I’ve got you and you and you… So many I can’t even name them… Can you blame me? I’m too famous.” *snort giggle* This is so crap, why do I love it so much? o.O

18) Like a Comet – Story For Steven

Mr. Greg ruined this song a bit. I kind of always get the ‘burger jingle’ version of it stuck in my head now. lol

*sigh* I’m going to ramble so much about Greg’s cuteness by the time this list is over. V.V

17) Jam Buddies – Sworn To The Sword


Ehem, sorry. But seriously, too fucking adorable… I can’t even…

16) Lapis Lazuli – The Message

Oh, Lapis, you tragic child. You deserve all the Peri-hugs. >.>

This is too short of a goddamn song. I want more!

Oh wait, there’s this dude! (seriously, check the link out, it’s freaking amazing!)

15) We Are The Crystal Gems – Extended Theme Song

This needs updating. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the extended intro to pieces, but I think it needs to be updated to include Peri and Lapis and some of the other changes in the show so far. I mean… It kinda bugs me now to look at this and see Peri and Lapis grouped with Homeworld now that they’re becoming earthlings too. >.>

14) Love Like You – End Credits Song

This song makes me cry all the tears. ALL THE FUCKING TEARS. So many feels. Not even kidding.

This won’t be the last time I cry on this list either. Holy crap. *sniffles*

13) I Think I Need a Little Change – Greg The Babysitter

I love Greg. O_O

Ehem… Seriously, though, his devotion to Rose is freaking sweet, but this episode is about him getting to that point in life when you realize you need to start adulting, which, this song is just perfect for. It’s basically saying “Ideally, this would be my life forever, but shit just doesn’t work that way”. Which, as a writer, I relate to. >.>

12) Giant Woman – Giant Woman

I learned to play this song on the guitar, I love it so much. And, you know, Opal is one of my favorite fusions, although she’s barely shown up since this episode.

11) Peace And Love (On The Planet Earth) – It Could Have Been Great

Everything and anything involving Peridot learning something about Earth is immediately squee-worthy to me. She’s just such a freaking adorable little dork. GAAAH.

10) Do It For Him – Sworn To The Sword

Connie becomes a badass – the musical. Look, screw every Rocky movie ever made; this is the best training montage ever. Period. End of story. I HAVE SPOKEN.


Okay, I may be overreacting, but it is pretty fucking awesome.

Next part coming tomorrow-ish (I hope), so stay tuned for my ten all-time-favorite SU songs!

Later, guys!



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