Top 21 (?) Steven Universe Songs (Part 02)

Part 01

So, I messed up and actually did 11 songs in the last post instead of 10, because I can’t math at all apparently, so… I’m still doing ten in this one anyway. Sue me. 😛

9.5) Don’t Cost Nothing/Empire City – Mr. Greg

I’ve had discussions with my nephew on this, but I still count this as one song. And seriously, how awesome is Greg? He’s got 10 million and he just doesn’t need anything, he’s just happy being with his kid. I love my family, but I just want this guy to adopt me please. >.>

“And let’s bring Pearl!” < greatest moment in this show. lol

9) On The Run – On The Run

Amethyst needs more songs. All I’m gonna say really.

8) What Can I Do For You? – We Need To Talk

Okay, I’m just gonna put this out there: Susan Egan has an incredibly sexy voice. I’m 100% straight, but holy crap lady, marry me.

…Don’t tell Wifey I said that. >.>

7) Strong In The Real Way – Coach Steven

The moment Pearl cuts herself off before letting slip the word ‘jealous’ in this song was when I started to love her. I loved Pearl so damn much for this whole episode and every single episode since. Mind you I always liked all the characters in this show, but for all of them there was a moment when it went from “I like this character” to “I love this little fictional creature so much, omg, I need to hug them”. So yeah, this was Pearl’s moment for me. >.>

6) Full Disclosure – Full Disclosure

This song is fantastic. I love how they incorporate the phone ringing, it’s just such an awesome little touch. And look, all due respect to whatever people want to ship, but Connverse is canon. >.>

5) Something Entirely New – The Answer

My heart just exploded. I’m dead. Also, every singing voice in this show is amazing, but Sapphire and Pearl (Erica Luttrell and Deedee Magno-Hall) are by a far my favorite.

4) Stronger Than You – Jailbreak

“I think you’re just mad cause you’re single” is the biggest burn in the history of burns. Also, why is it that every fight scene in this show is better than anything I’m capable of writing? -.-

3) It’s Over, Isn’t It? – Mr. Greg

I cry every time. Every. Time. My nephew likes to put on this episode and bet how long it takes me to cry. If by some miracle I make it past this song, then next one gets me for sure. >.>

2) Both of You – Mr. Greg

It’s Over Isn’t It used to be my favorite song this episode, but the more I watched it, the more I fell in love with this one. The feels in this episode! And Pearl and Greg dancing! It’s too much for my heart.

1) Here Comes a Thought – Mindful Education

I don’t think any song will ever top this one in my book. One day I’ll review Mindful Education and I’ll go into all the lengths about why this song is perfect, but for the sake of this list, I’m just going to say that as someone with social anxiety as severe as I have this song hits so close to home it hurts a little. I think on some level we can all relate to being plagued by a persistent thought, or a nagging regret and feeling like trying to deal with the emotions involved might inevitably… Break us… I think this is the sort of thing everyone experiences in life sooner or later.

Welp, that’s it, guys. Hope you enjoyed.




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