Written In Shadows (Coming Soon!)

Alright, guys, it’s… past 5 am… So I’m gonna make this short.

I’ve started a new blog on behalf of our little writing team. The Shadows Crew.

It’s called Written In Shadows. It’s still under construction because it’s damn late (or early, whatever) and my brain doesn’t work anymore at this point, but this is going to be where Shadows Rise and future Valcrest-related things will be posted. I decided that posting this stuff here at The Nest might not be the best of ideas seeing as this blog is as random as it can possibly be. Anything serious I try posting here would inevitably get drowned out by a bunch of nonsense. I don’t want to stop posting nonsense, so this was the best solution really.

I’m going to be reposting here, but if you guys want to eventually read this thing I’ve been hyping up for months, your best bet is to follow WIS.

Here’s a link.

Right now it looks a bit empty, but it won’t be for long. Honest.

Welp, that’s all I wanted to say for now, really. I should be getting to sleep.

Later, guys!


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