Gerald The House Gecko

Hey, guys! I know it’s been a while, but… Explanations in another post. >.>

So, there’s a little house gecko living in my apartment. If you guys aren’t familiar with these little wonders of nature, lemme tell you all you need to know; they look like tiny gators and will eat any annoying bug or arachnid living in your house (even scorpions, how cool is THAT?). Cute and eats spiders? YES, more of that in the world, please!



Seriously, look at that little face!


I loved these little guys so much as a kid, that I secretly kept one as a pet for ages before my mom found out. She’s terrified of them and my ability to catch them is the only thing to save their lives should she ever spot one. Gerald’s been a lucky one; he’d been hanging out in the bathroom, hiding behind the door frame and coming out to feed in the middle of the night. A great deal for him; loads of mosquitoes there and mom never turns the bathroom lights on in the middle of the night.

Tonight, I went out for a bit, when I came home… Gerald was just chilling on the floor in the middle of my room. Before I could decide whether to kick him out, he hid under my bed, sooo… I guess he stays then. 😛

If I spot him again, I’ll see if I can get an actual picture of him. Although… He’s really tiny, so I can’t guarantee it.

As for why I’ve been away this time? Short answer: lots of editing.


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