Updates again? Seriously!?

Okay, okay, I’m sorry. I know that all my posts lately are updates and excuses for why I haven’t been around. I know… WE KNOW… I’m sorry about that.

I do have an actual post in the works, but I just want to get this out before that. I want to talk about changes that are coming to this blog once Shadows Rise is out. Yes, I have been working on that a lot, and that’s why I’ve been away. I’m late on my self-imposed deadline, but it’ll be out in the next couple of months.

And for now, I’m officially kicking off Written In Shadows. You may have seen the reblog I made fo my opening post there explaining what the blog will be about. And from now on I’ll be moving all my Valcrest related posts to that blog. The more serious ones at least.

The Nest is and always will be my little online home. I come in here I take my shoes off, lounge on the couch and rant at you all about life and whatever it is I’m watching obsessively lately. It’s a very casual blog. WIS, won’t be this casual. I’ll still be me; if you read that post you’ll recognize my rambling, but you’ll note the absolute lack of F-words and an attempt at a more structured posting format. WIS is the office. There is going to be the place where I take my writing serious. I’ll still be posting writing advice and things like that exclusively here, but if for some reason you’ve actually been paying attention to all my rambles about Valcrest and my characters; you’ll want to go over there for more of that.

Also, right now I’ll continue to be busy as heck. I have writing commissions I’m doing besides the work on Shadows Rise so you may not see me around on any regular basis, but I’ll post when I can. Once Shadows Rise is out (and that means season one is done), I’ll have a little more room to go back into NITWIT commentary and maybe do some reviews; there are a lot of them I want to make.

I do have an opinion post on the works, it should be out today or tomorrow. It’s about when why and how you should consider something ‘filler’ and why character development is far from it. It’s a very important subject matter for me, so I want to be as coherent as possible about it.

So yeah, that’s what I wanted to say. Check out the new blog for more Valcrest and… Thank you for your patience. -.-

Later, guys!


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