Running Out Of F*cks To Give

Two major things tonight on TV; the Oscars and Carnaval. Oh, noes, which do I watch? o.o

I don’t caaaaaaaare.

I used to like the Oscars when I was a kid, but now I really can’t be bothered anymore. I don’t know. I haven’t watched any of these movies, I don’t really like 90% of actors anymore enough to root for them on stuff I haven’t watched… It’s just pointless to me.

Carnaval can be fun to watch sometimes, but this year I’m not really into it at all. I just want to pull another all-nighter and finish this scene I’ve been working on for a week or maybe, if I’m done by tonight, play someĀ video games. I just want to mind my own business.

I think I might just be turning into a bitter person unable to just enjoy pointless crap like a normal person or maybe it’s still a bit of leftover anger at life for what it put me through this past year. I know I’m not 100% myself quite yet. It’s a process.

Maybe I’m just overall running out of fucks to give. :/


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