4 thoughts on “I Am Going To MURDER Someone

  1. Oh that stinks. Until recently, our neighbor, at the very back of our property, had his landscaping crew come in on Saturday mornings. So every Saturday, at about 7am we would hear the lawn mowers going, the leaf blowers going whirr, whirr, whirr and the weed whackers all at the same time. Someone must have complained, because they are now coming on Friday afternoons, so at least we can sleep in on Saturday, undisturbed. I hope you get some peace and quiet.

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    • There’s a building in construction on the street just behind ours and… It’s gonna go on for months. The weekend is the only time they give it a rest. So yeah, pretty ticked off right about now. Noise-muffling headphones help, but as luck would have it… Mine broke. It’s gonna be a long week of waiting for a replacement to arrive in the mail. 😛

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