Why NITWIT Pisses Me Off So Much

The friend who recommended me In This World and the Next for the fan fic commentary series asked me why it pisses me off so much. They honestly didn’t expect me to be so deeply insulted by this fic. And you know what, I get what they’re saying. I exaggerated a lot of my anger with School of Prayer and Miracles. And I actually love the stupidity of My Immortal; that’s not a secret to anyone.

I could write a lengthy essay about why this fic is so horrible to me, but I’m going to sum it up with “blatant contempt for the source material” and, mind you, misrepresenting characters annoys me, but I can get over it. Weird alternate Universes where everyone is an FBI agent for some reason (yes, really, I’ve seen it); totally fine. It’s a little bit blasphemous, but it’s for the sake of entertainment. Making a story to rewrite the original plot is delving into dangerous territory, though. And the sad thing is; it can be done pretty well. Doom and I actually discussed how this could be done pretty darn well, but… NITWIT makes every character who isn’t suddenly irredeemably evil, into a mouthpiece for everything this author thinks is wrong with the series. That’s all it is. And I’m sorry, but calling yourself a fan of Harry Potter and constantly treating its entire plot and characters like shit… Bothers me intensely. For what I read of this fic so far, everyone and I mean EVERYONE who’s ever befriended or helped Harry; save a chosen few, did so with some ulterior motive. No one actually liked him save those chosen few. And Harry himself is such a narcissist piece of shit, he doesn’t care whose lives he ruins in the process of bending the events of his past completely to his will. And guess what? This makes it so he isn’t the hero of the story anymore because he’s the one causing the majority of the harm to innocent characters. Because these people haven’t done any of the wrongful things Harry is getting them back for.

Honestly, guys, I started this commentary series saying I wasn’t going to be harsh with the author, but I don’t know if I can keep that promise anymore. :/

As a little bonus, lemme show you guys something, because pictures speak louder than words sometimes…


These are my original copies of Chamber of Secrets, The Philosopher’s Stone, and Goblet of Fire respectively (Prisoner of Azkaban was unfortunately lost in a book donation mix-up some years ago >.>). Do you see how utterly destroyed they are? And no, that’s not because I don’t take care of my books. Philosopher’s Stone was my birthday gift when I turned eleven, it’s 16 years old, but… My Lord of The Rings trilogy (and The Hobbit) are only a couple of years younger and equally loved, but they’re perfectly intact:

The reason for that is that I’ve read the Harry Potter series an INSANE amount of times. Considering how long I’ve had these books and how I’d often finish the most recent book and then just start the series over… The four first books; the ones that are looking most trashed, we’re probably read over 200 times. Easily.

So, you see, I love this series. I’m not a fanatic to the point where I can’t look at it objectively. I’ve done that countless times. And I sure can handle a bit of parody and a lot of weirdness when it comes to fan fiction; as you know, but certain things cross a bit of a line with me.

My Immortal took a piss on Dumbledore and Snape and Hagrid and… ‘Volximort’, but it had that childish ‘all adults are horrible’ mentality that just made it all so… Oddly enough, endearing. NITWIT doesn’t have its own canon where things are different from the books. It’s pretty much saying “this is how I see these characters” and that pisses me off.

So yeah. There’s plenty more I can say, but I’m only 4 chapters into this thing. There are 26 of them, if I recall correctly, so there’ll be plenty of opportunities along the way, I’m sure.

Til then… 

Later, guys!


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