Feeling Better

It’s been a couple of days. Movement in my hand feels not completely painless, but okay. So I’m gonna go back to working on my writing to-day.

I may do a fan fiction post or finish one of the advice posts I have in the works later tonight so we’ll see. If not tonight tomorrow.

Best news this week is that my new headset arrived early (it was supposed to get here on Monday), so I’ve been able to handle the construction noise better these past couple days by drowning it out with music. 🙂

Progress in Shadows Rise is being made. I’m currently reworking the first few chapters while writing the first draft for Chapter 08 (or 9, I’m not sure), I go back and forth between tasks depending on what I feel like doing. So it is moving forward. I’m just being thorough with my rewriting because I want this to be a good read. So, pardon me if I’m being slow with that. 😛

Hopefully, when I have an at least acceptable draft, to my standards, I can find some people willing to beta and/or someone willing to do some editing for me. Just for a last round of polishing.

Life is… I don’t wanna talk about life. I rather focus on the simple things right now. >.>


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