In This World and the Next Chapter 04 Part 02 (With Commentary)

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Hey, guys! So, back to this thing. I don’t know if this is being as humorous or entertaining as the first two commentary series were, but… I try guys. You’re seeing what I have to work with here. ūüėõ

Hogwarts was in uproar, [end the fucking sentence. Start a new one]¬†without any Weasleys present the students and staff turned their ire on Snape and Dumbledore. While this was happening, Minerva McGonagall sat serenely eating her breakfast, seemingly without a care in the world.¬†[I have to admit that I love how incompetent McGonagall is at her job in this fic. “Yeah, this school is in disarray, but I’m just gonna sit on my ass and eat, like a smug bitch, because fuck Dumbledore. It’s not like those kids are here to be educated and the staff needs to set and example or anything, right? Lalalala, what a lovely morning!” I mean, seriously, what a bitch, I love it. lol]

Snape was losing it big time, he was raving and ranting while waving a copy of the Prophet in Dumbledore’s face. “Albus I demand you do something about these malicious slurs¬†printed here, the Potter brat and his mudblood bitch should never have been allowed to leave the castle.”[Snape complains about slurs while shouting Mudblood. *snort* I know he wasn’t a nice guy in the books, but he was never this much of a fucking idiot.]

Before Albus could answer, Minerva’s calm voice fanned the flames of Snape’s temper tantrum, “Professor Snape, using language like that is a serious breech¬†of professional etiquette, the fact that it’s in front of students leaves me with no option but to administer an official reprimand. [“Medical Definition of breech: the hind end of the body: buttocks” – Merriam-Webster dictionary. So, who’s gonna reprimand you for saying ‘butt’ in front of the students, Minerva? Seriously, woman, mind your language. >.>]¬†Personally, for a head of house to use such words in reference to students turns my stomach. I find Mr Potter’s descriptions of what happened here yesterday to be totally accurate.¬†His assessments of some members of staff were also right on the money and I shall be approaching the board with a view to having some such screening system in place in the very near future.”¬†[McGongall is so terrible at her job in this fic that she needs the eleven-year-old Harry Stu to tell her how to do it]

Severus looked expectantly at the headmaster, awaiting his usual neutralising comments that would save his arse but they never came. [I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say the author of this fic wasn’t too keen on Dumbledore constantly defending Snape in the books. I’m just gonna say that I think it’s priceless that he thinks having¬†him treat everyone as disposable cannon fodder in his plans to sacrifice Harry and save the world makes for better writing in any way shape or form. And what’s even funnier is that having Harry previously claim that this doesn’t make Dumbledore ‘evil’ means that it’s completely justifiable when Harry himself does it to other people later. Yeah, I fucking caught that buddy. Not on my watch, you don’t]¬†¬†Dumbledore’s number one priority was getting the Potters back to Hogwarts, their very public decrying of his potions master left him in a bind. If he supported Severus then the Potters would class Albus in the same bracket, if he didn’t then Minerva in her current Minx mode [this you capitalize? THIS? Also… “Minx:¬†a sexually attractive and playful woman who often causes trouble”. Are you implying Dumbledore thinks McGonagall is sexy when she’s being a self-righteous preachy smug bitch? Because… That’s actually pretty fucking hilarious]¬†would have Severus suspended before the week was out.¬†[Also, Albus Motherfucking Dumbledore feels his hands are tied because of what an eleven-year-old kid might do. No, Albus. You fucking tell the Prophet that Snape wanted to punish Harry and Hermione because they ASSAULTED people. Which is what they did. And if the ministry has a problem with that, they can suck it, because you’re fucking Dumbledore! FUUCK!]

With the Potter situation uppermost in his mind, Minerva was Hogwarts biggest asset [in canon? Absolutely. Here, though? I have to question how a teacher who only now, after God knows how many years on the job, has decided to make sure students aren’t being unfairly punished (based on a case when they absolutely weren’t), is an asset to anyone. You should have let her quit when she threatened to earlier]¬†while Severus was a liability, for the greater good Snape was going to be abandoned to the lioness.¬†[Stop comparing people to animals, you fuckwad]

The greasy haired one [All hail the greasy haired one! Oh, mighty greasy haired one! Pfthaha… This was probably the most I laughed since this thing started, lol]¬†couldn’t believe this was happening and turned aggressively on McGonagall, “If you start handing out punishments for using the term ‘mudblood’ then the school will be empty before we reach Halloween!”¬†[Why are you making it socially acceptable to discriminate against Muggle-born people in this Universe, author? What made you look at Harry Potter and think “NOT ENOUGH RACISM!”?]

She calmly stood and faced the angry professor, “If that’s what it takes for people to realise that word isn’t acceptable inside Hogwarts then so be it. [people DID realize that!]¬†I can’t help but think that there would still be three quarters of the students present, and those missing would all have worn green trim on their robes. [More anti-Slytherin discrimination. Jooooy. Malfoy used to say Mudblood in the books, but you do realize he never did so in front of any teachers, don’t you, fuckwad? Because if he did, he’d be toast]¬†Perhaps seeing their head of house receive his second official reprimand for using that despicable term will have a positive effect on them?”

He whirled to Dumbledore, “Are you just going to sit there and let her get away with this?”¬†[Sev, dude, as much as I don’t want to, I need to side with McGonagall here. You shouted a racial slur, what the fuck do you want?]

Dumbledore’s answer was calm and measured, “Professor McGonagall is acting within the parameters of her role as Deputy Headmistress. Should you wish to challenge her recent decisions then that would be by tribunal in front of the school board. Please inform me if you chose that option and I shall make arrangements so it can take place.”¬†[Dumbledore is such a pussy in this fic. It’s unbelievable]

Snape stormed out the hall, ignoring the sniggering coming from three of the house tables.

He didn’t appear for lunch and had to be summoned when Amelia turned up with a couple of aurors and demanded to speak with the senior staff. [Add ‘Snape pouting in his office’ to the ever growing list of mortal sins this fic has committed]¬†The meeting convened in Dumbledore’s office.

Amelia threw in some general questions to get the ball rolling, “First of all, I would like to determine just how accurate the description of yesterdays events that appeared in the Prophet actually is. Secondly, what steps are being taken to insure¬†[ensure, dude, with an ‘e’] it doesn’t happen again.”

Severus couldn’t believe how they were all shitting themselves because Prince Potter threw a hissy fit. [I gotta agree with Snape on this. Why is everyone sucking Harry’s dick so much when he’s done nothing to deserve it? Is he a fucking Kardashian?]¬†“The brat broke the rules and should be left to rot, Hogwarts should not be making exceptions for pampered Princes who turn up with a wife in tow. Let them stew, they’ll come crawling back.”¬†[Again… Can’t argue with that]

Amelia could see Harry’s description of this vile man fitted him to a T. “Some of my aurors were called to the Leaky Cauldron this morning where the Potters were being mobbed by well-wishers. They were making their way into the Alley to find information about Magical schools in Australia.”¬†[And we give a shit about this… Whhyyy?]

Snape’s sneer was on full power, “I can’t understand why you’re all buying into this. He’s playing with you.”¬†[Yes, you’re right, Snape. But there’s no way you could possibly know this. So it’s still shitty writing. Sorry]

Amelia shook her head in dismay at this professors antics, she was so glad Susan had been sorted into Hufflepuff. [Don’t be. According to McGonagall only Gryffindors are worth something in this school. And she’ll see to it everyone else acts accordingly]¬†“I had a couple of muggle born aurors do a little investigating into the Grangers. They are a very well thought of and respected family [technically, so are the Dursleys, so this means shit], who this morning filed papers in the muggle world so they would become Harry’s legal guardians. They also put their very successful business up for sale, the word is they’re looking to leave the country. Both are dentists, a form of muggle healers, and would be considered extremely well educated and reasonably wealthy in their world [again, so were the Dursleys, so your point here is moot]. The chances of this being a bluff are zero so please answer my questions.”¬†[Again; why do we care? Why do we care about these two little shits AT ALL? Give me a reason, author. I’m not seeing one. Also, having any grown adult say the chances of something are zero based on rumors and word of mouth is completely laughable. All Amelia knows for sure is that these people obtained guardianship of a stinking rich child they are only related to through underage marriage and then they immediately retired from their business like they won the freaking lottery. But there’s no way that would ring any bells with the¬†ministry because Harry’s personal biases determine the rules of morality in this world]

Albus was too shocked by these revelations, he’d thought to give them time to cool down before orchestrating an approach. This was time he apparently no longer had.¬†[We interrupt this meeting to bring you… a completely different POV, because sure. And if you want to portray Dumbledore as some manipulative sociopath; that’s fine, but at least make him competent at it. Jesus!]

Minerva answered the waiting Amelia, “I’m ashamed to say the events described are very accurate, internal steps have been taken to insure¬†[ensure] it will never happen again. I have also contacted a former student with the view to making him a security consultant. Working alongside Hagrid as keeper of the keys, they would be responsible for ensuring [how do you misspell ‘ensure’ twice if you CLEARLY know how to spell ‘ensuring’!?]¬†that people can no longer just breeze into Hogwarts.”¬†[I’m not gonna like this, am I?]

This raised Dumbledore’s eyebrow, “May I ask who Minerva?” Those may have been the words he used but his tone clearly added ‘after all I am the headmaster’.

“Remus Lupin.”¬†[FUUUCK]

Dumbledore almost smiled, this was a brilliant idea. He could visualise Harry and his wife having tea with Remus and Hagrid, chatting away about his parents. This was what he needed, a way to create an emotional tie to Hogwarts. “An outstanding idea Minerva, if I can be of any help persuading Remus, please don’t hesitate to ask.”¬†[That’s sweet, Albus, but I don’t think McgonaMinx was asking for your approval, consent, or was giving much of a shit for the fact you’re actually her fucking boss]

Snape had had enough, “Your going to employ a werewolf in the hope of enticing Potter back, the parents will never stand for it!”¬†[They wouldn’t. In fact, they¬†didn’t, but canon has no place here, so I’m sure it’ll be fine]

McGonagall went for the jugular, “Well they didn’t complain about us hiring a death eater. [Yeeeah, pretty sure that Snape’s ‘dork mark’ wasn’t any more common knowledge than Remus’ lycanthropy, author]¬†Unlike you, Mr Lupin did not choose to be a werewolf and his affliction only affects him one night a month. If you feel so strongly about this I will of course accept your resignation now, after all you are only one reprimand away from being suspended. I could perfectly understand you not wanting that indignity on your permanent record.”¬†[we can’t have one chapter of this without someone making stupid threats to quit, fire someone, leave forever, or some other stupid bullshit like that. Because everyone in this fic is a goddamn toddler]

He went to storm out the room, only to find his dramatic exit being blocked by a pair of aurors. “May I leave now?” [I’ve been asking myself that same question for the past two chapters….Yet here I fucking am]¬†Severus asked Amelia.

“Oh I think I’ve seen all I need to of you for the moment professor.” Both aurors moved aside and Snape was soon slithering out the door as Amelia continued. “Ok let’s deal with the school stuff first. Mrs Weasley has admitted running up to the boy with the intention of grabbing him, was that your impression Minerva?”¬†[Yes, tell me what YOU think, because I already know you agree with me. JUSTICE]

“She appeared ready to throttle the boy, if Mrs Potter hadn’t reacted so quickly that’s what probably would have happened.”¬†[You can’t be sure of that]

Albus tried to calm things down, “I’m sure she was just overwrought, if Harry doesn’t press charges the whole thing will blow over.”¬†[Oh, Dumbledore, silly you… Trying to apply logic to this situation…]

Amelia thought the old man had it seriously wrong this time, she decided to try and get him off-balance, “Albus, sitting behind these castle walls has made you insular to what’s happening in the rest of our word. [Are you shitting me with this nonsense? Dumbledore knew stuff was happening chapters before anyone else did 99% of the time]¬†Rightly or wrongly the public think of this boy as their saviour¬†[Harry = Jesus, because of course], there has been outrage today and I’m surprised you haven’t been inundated with howlers.”

He gave a weak smile, “The elves deal with any that are sent to staff.”

“Well Molly Weasley has been receiving them by the flock, she even got injured when someone sent her a booby-trapped one. [Don’t act like you gave two shits about that, Amelia. You fucking hypocrite]¬† The minister is going nuts and Arthur has already effectively been sacked. People are crying in the streets Albus [I’m having post-US elections flashbacks from this one line right here lol], this is not going to blow over. He’s insisting I contact the Potters today, Fudge was going to go himself until Malfoy pointed out it would look as if the minister of magic was grovelling.”

Albus pounced on this, “Perhaps Minerva could accompany you, she’s already met the parents and spoken with both Potters. It could help break the ice, rather than a stranger just turning up on their doorstep.”¬†[Note: Dumbledore actually giving a decent suggestion]

“Perhaps, since you mentioned doorstep Albus, I want to get to the bottom of why a baby was left abandoned on one. Any ideas?” [And this bitch responds with “Oh, yeah, btw, this reminds me you’re a horrible person]¬†Amelia watched with interest as the colour drained from Dumbledore, while Minerva couldn’t even look at Amelia and actually lowered her head. It would seem they had more than an idea of what happened that night.¬†[I highly doubt that, seeing as the author probably doesn’t]


Dan Granger had quite a day and it would seem that it wasn’t over yet, he’d just opened the front door to discover the doorbell had been rug by Professor McGonagall and another woman he didn’t know.¬†[You know, I went into this part thinking ‘huh, this isn’t so bad, I’m actually having fun with this chapter! And then I got here and realized it was because there were no Potters or Grangers in it so far. *sigh*]

“Good evening Mr Granger, may we speak with Harry and Hermione please?”¬†[Are they speaking in unison? Because if not, author, please be so kind as to inform us of who the fuck is saying this. I mean, I know you don’t care what mouthpiece you spew your crap opinions from, but at least try for the sake of your readers, fuckwad]

Dan’s temper flared, “Why the hell should I let you anywhere near the kids? I was assured Hermione would be perfectly safe in that school of yours. [To be fair, I don’t remember anyone from Hogwarts ever explicitly saying the students would be safe and, to be fair, even after the whole petrification thing in the second book and the convicted murderer/werewolf combo in the third… Parents still seemed to think it was pretty okay to send their kids there, so… Hush up, Dan]¬†Care to explain how she turned up here yesterday after being attacked, married to another eleven-year-old and both of them were left to travel down from Scotland on their own? [HAH! No, I’m sorry author, you can’t make the characters act like these children being married is suddenly an issue after four chapters of everyone acting like it’s normal. And don’t try to say ‘oh it’s normal for Wizards, but Muggles don’t get it’. No. Either it’s okay or it’s not. And you already said it was okay about fifty fucking times so far. You don’t get to treat it like an issue when it becomes convenient. Stick to your shit rules!]¬†Just a good job we know Harry for the outstanding young man that he is. If this is your idea of the correct way to treat children placed in your care then I’m very glad they’re out of there.”¬†[Shut the fuck up Dan. You’re a failure as a father and a human being]

“Excuse me Mr Granger, My name is Amelia Bones, head of magical law enforcement. I’m here to investigate a complaint that Mr Potter made against his attacker, it was he who contacted me regarding this matter. I apologise if the timing is inconvenient but I’m required by law to follow up on this complaint.”¬†[I’m legit imagining Amelia Bones as an emotionless talking head right now¬†because the author couldn’t be bothered to write in anything along the lines of body language or any descriptions of any sort. It’s almost like he doesn’t think this character’s worth his time, really]

Grudgingly Dan invited the women into the Granger home, neither could fail to notice the brochures and magical school prospectuses that Emma and the two children were poring over in their lounge. The fact that Harry moved to place himself between them and his wife was also glaringly obvious, there wasn’t a lot of trust being displayed by the males present.¬†[This sounds like one of those documentaries where a scientist is trying to get accepted by a pack of gorillas]

“Professor McGonagall? I thought we’d seen the last of you yesterday. Now I’ve left Hogwarts I get the visit I should have gotten in the first place? The magical world sure does things backward.”¬†[Watch Harry being a dick to the person who openly supported him with the fury of a thousand suns throughout this entire chapter. And take note that I only know this is Harry because, while Hermione is an equally ungrateful twat in this fic, she’s a girl and therefore not allowed to voice any opinions of her own]

Minerva was saved from answering by Amelia introducing herself before getting to the reason she was here, “Mr Potter, the lady in question has admitted ‘attempting to grab you’. Should you wish to press charges she would face a hefty financial penalty. The decision is of course yours.”¬†[Are we supposed to wonder what he’s gonna do here? We all know Harry doesn’t give a shit if he ruins people’s lives]

One quick glance to Hermione was all it took, “Madam Bones, I wish to press charges.”¬†[Told ya]

This really surprised Minerva, “Mr Potter, the Weasleys are a poor family. The father has been sacked from the ministry because of this, their eldest son was also summoned back from Egypt and fired by the goblins. They are currently trying to sell the land they own, hoping to make enough money to leave the country. A large fine would in all probability bankrupt them. Are you sure you want to do this?”¬†[the moment your Harry Stu does something so shitty even the characters that only exist to blindly support him aren’t blindly supporting him…]

“Professor had that redheaded boy who attacked Hermione actually laid a finger on my wife then I would have killed him. Since finding out from Neville there was so much that we didn’t know, we hit the bookshop. I have since discovered I would have legally been within my rights as well. [Imagine yourself as a teacher hearing an eleven-year-old child admit that he would murder another child, and say that it’s totally okay because self-defense makes it legal. Now, most people wouldn’t be so nonchalant about the idea of killing someone even if they did something really horrible. Like Harry, in the books where he’s an actual normal human being, not wanting to actually kill Voldemort. Tell me, if you were McGonagall here, would you think Harry Stu here is anything other than a potential serial killer? Because I would be calling for a psych evaluation or whatever Wizard equivalent of that]¬†¬†If people think the Potters are a soft target then they will treat us as such [Who, Harry? Other than the Weasleys, have you met anyone who hasn’t been catering to your every stupid little whim so far? Fudge himself was about ready to lick your boots because of your little bitch fit. Fucks sake. Stop playing the victim when the entire magical¬†world is literally taking your crap non-stop and saying ‘thank you, sir’], by doing this we are sending out a signal that we are not to be messed with. Please understand I have here what I’ve longed for my whole life, my family was taken from me once and I swear that will never happen again. I will do anything to protect my family.”

The passion and power in Harry’s words belied his eleven years. While Amelia and Minerva thought he was talking about his parents, his family understood what he meant. [Because fuck Lily and James, how dare they die to protect you, right Harry? Useless dead parents… *hmphs*]¬†¬†Hermione wrapped him in a hug, “Our family Harry, I’ll be beside you every step of the way love.”¬†[Behold: she speaks!]

Any other boy this age threatening to kill someone would have Amelia chuckling to herself, not this one though. [Ugh, where did I leave my barf bags?]¬†It was in his eyes, the boy was no killer but wouldn’t hesitate if it was to protect those he loved. [BULL. SHIT. Bullshit, he’s no killer. He has killed Ron before and just in the fucking train he was plotting to kill Malfoy before they even officially met. Fucking bullshit!]¬†Yes she believed Harry Potter would have hit the Weasley boy with everything that he had. Since he had incapacitated the Weasley twins then who knew what other surprises he had up his sleeve. [so she’s not at all concerned about this clearly paranoid overpowered child thinking it’s okay to off people he decides are dangerous? Good to know]¬†He was also correct that ruining the Weasleys would make others hesitate before messing with the Potters. [Wow. Aren’t you buddies with Arthur, Amelia? I’d think you’d care a little that he and his kids are gonna be homeless over this, but nah. Saint Potter is in the right. Always. He’s literally Wizard Jesus after all]¬†It was now time to pop the question that Fudge had given her a direct order to ask.¬†[pop the question? Does Fudge wanna marry him too? =.=]

“Mr and Mrs Potter, I have been directed by the minister of magic to ask if there was any consideration we could make to halt your decision to leave the country.”¬†[“What are your demands, eleven-year-old children?” Do you not realize how pathetic you’ve made everyone in this fic? Or do you just not care?]

Harry focused his full gaze on both women [this sentence is so weird I’m unsure how to mock it], “I used to lie in my cupboard and think that the hunger was making me hallucinate. I could hear a man shout at my mother to take me and run, she didn’t but pleaded with someone to kill her instead of me. A maniacal laugh was followed by a flash of green light and my mother was gone. If I mentioned it to my relatives it earned me a beating, and flung back in the cupboard for another couple of days. They called me freak and, with no knowledge of magic I honestly thought I was one.”¬†[Fuck your sob-story, Harry Stu. You can’t follow up something so shitty as leaving an entire family homeless and penniless with something like this and expect me to care. I don’t care. I wholeheartedly believe Harry deserved those beating and I want nothing more than to see him locked up in that fucking cupboard until the end of all days!]

They had discussed where he was going to go with this but Hermione could see Harry’s emotions were still pretty raw, Emma now had both of them in a hug as the memories evoked had the tears flowing freely.¬†[Yeah, crying’s not gonna do shit either. MOVING ON!]

“I remember a flying motorbike and a man with black hair, he was not my father but loved me very much. I have read and read before finally uncovering this person’s identity. I want to be at Sirius Black’s trial, look him in the eye while he’s under truth serum and ask him why he betrayed my parents. Consigning them to die, and me to a living hell with my relatives.”¬†[I’m pretty sure the motorcycle scene Harry remembered in the books is Hagrid flying him to the Dursleys and not Sirius]

Minerva couldn’t have been more shocked if someone had stuck an electric cattle prod up her arse [Between the minx thing and this line, I’m starting to think this author has some… unresolved feelings… towards McGonagall. I mean, that’s a very¬†specific analogy, there], they’d abandoned that baby to a life he himself described as hell. Amelia had tore Dumbledore to shreds on his admission that it was he who left Harry on that doorstep. She promised him that her department would investigate this meticulously and she herself would push for charges to be brought against him.¬†[Right. Let’s arrest Dumbledore for protecting Harry from a shit ton of angry Death Eaters. And seriously, the Ministry¬†knew! Read the goddamn books, fuckwad!]

Minerva also had a question to ask, “Do you think there is anyway you could give Hogwarts another chance?”¬†[You just displayed homicidal tendencies, but we¬†need students of your caliber]

Emma’s grip tightened on her children, “Why the hell should they? We’ve spent the evening looking at some wonderful schools on the other side of the world, personally I still don’t think that’s far enough away from the people who allowed Harry to be treated like this.”¬†[Oh, shut up, Emma. Stop trying to pretend you’re an actual character in this]

Amelia had what she came for and didn’t think there was anything to be gained by arguing with these people, probably because she agreed with them. [Because of course she does]¬†“Mr Potter I shall pass on your request to the minister, hopefully we’ll be in touch.”

Dan gave them a timeline to work with, “We plan on travelling to Australia, checking out some schools and areas to live before finally making the move. If things proceed the way we hope, by this time next week our family could be on a plane headed for distant shores.”¬†[My Australian friend’s been reading along with this… He told me that if the Potters actually move to Australia he’ll find a way to sue the author. Wonder if I could sue Stephenie Meyer for having the Cullens fly to Brazil to conceive their vampire mutant baby. I’m still emotionally damaged from that]

She could only nod, these people had a right to live their own life and were breaking no laws. If they wanted to leave the country then legally they were powerless to stop them. [But they sure as hell could beg and humiliate themselves to persuade them!]

Both witches apparated away to audible sighs of relief [I’m pretty sure apparating in and out of people’s homes is fucking rude as hell. You should at least go out the door], “Sorry folks, I got quite lost in the moment there.” Harry received kisses from both Hermione and Emma, no words were needed.

“Do you think they’ll give your godfather a trial?” Dan asked.¬†[In other circumstances I’d consider this a fine plan, except…]

“I hope so, it was the best we could come up with until getting our hands on a certain rat. [getting close to Ron would be the easiest way to get Pettigrew. But of course, playing along is too smart a move for NITWIT, so I’m gonna call this plan fucking stupid]¬†Now there’s something I need to ask you all, how would you like to stay in Devon?”

Hermione sussed what he was up to but didn’t understand the reason behind it, “Harry, why would you buy the Burrow?”¬†[Because it’s been more than ten seconds since we last pissed all over the source material]

“Well I thought my wife might like to destroy it, blast the house apart and set the ruins on fire to watch it burn. Then you two ladies could design the house of your dreams, swimming pool, library, gym, Quidditch pitch? Whatever you want. [Yes, women, take my money and buy all the pretty things! That’s what women are for!]¬†A team of magical builders would have it completed well before Christmas, of course we would have to invite the neighbours over during the holidays‚Ķ”

Harry never got to say anymore as Hermione was kissing him. Emma couldn’t help but smile at this, “Ok it’s pretty obvious that Hermione loves the idea but perhaps you could explain it to us.”¬†[They’re eleven! How does this not disturb you every time!? If this was my kid I’d have gone mental by now!]

“Mum what my brilliant husband here didn’t get around to mentioning is that our nearest neighbours would be the Lovegoods.”¬†[Leave the Lovegoods alone!!!]

“And the Diggorys,” added Harry.¬†[FUCK MY LIFE]

Thanks for reading.¬†[No, no, thank you. I think this post was the first time I legitimately used ‘fuckwad’ as an insult. I actually expanded my vocabulary with the sole intent of insulting you, author. You can start feeling special now]



There we go, guys. We survived! Uuuuugh…¬†I’m sorry if this is more angry ranting than you’re used to, but… uuuuuuuuuugh…

This makes me look forward to Hogwarts Exposed. And I know what’s in chapter two of that fic. -.-



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