Random Character Questions (Shadows Rise Edition)!

Don’t get too excited, these are all spoiler-free useless questions. I just want to take a break from stuff and procrastinate for a bit. >.>

These were all taken from “OC Growth and Development” on Tumblr.

1) Which OC deserves to be taken seriously?

Lena. That sounds like an odd thing to say about Lena, but eighteen-year-old Lena is constantly being the voice of reason… To rocks and trees. Because no human beings are actually freaking listening.

2) Which OC has those expressions that everyone makes fun of?

I’m not sure if they mean expressions as in ‘figures of speech’ or as in ‘facial expressions’, but I’mma go with the latter because it’s what I initially thought it was.

Huh… I don’t think they’d actually make fun of her for it, but I imagine Johanna. I mean, she’s the most physically expressive character in the story, mostly due to almost not talking. A lot of her silent communication is just making faces at people and assuming they understand why she’s glaring or wiggling her eyebrows at them or whatever. lol

3) Which OC says “If you die, it’s your fault” and which one says “I welcome death with open arms”?

Both sound like something Gabrielle would say. Although she does feel responsible for the Hunters and she’d hold herself accountable if they were to die… She’s the kind of person that if she respects you as a warrior she will never think that you need her to protect you. And if you die is because you failed to protect yourself. And that’s on you.

The second one is self-explanatory.

4) Which OC sings in the shower?

Johanna sings at bath time. >.>

5) Which OC probably needs a hug right now?

All of them. I don’t recommend trying to hug Gabrielle, though. She bites.

Okay, not really, but she will stab you. >.>

6) Your OC has the chance to go back in time and change something in their past. Do they take it?

Gabrielle, Gerald, and Sebastian wouldn’t.

Lena, Kyle, Johanna and Dani would.

I’m not telling what, though. XP

7) Which OC has/would have an animal sidekick?

Probably Johanna. She really wants a pet, but won’t actually get one unless she gets Gabrielle to agree. Aaaand… I don’t see that happening.

8) Which oc has the most complicated love life?

Eeeeh… I’mma say Lena. Yep. Lena. >.>

9) What is your OC’s favorite household chore?

Johanna likes to cook.

Gabrielle… She doesn’t do much in terms of home care, but she does like to keep things tidy. Y’know, for efficiency’s sake. That is to say… Don’t touch her shit. >.>

Kyle likes helping out in the kitchen (though if you ask he won’t admit to that).

Sebastian is more for manual labor; chopping firewood, stuff like that. Works wonders when he’s frustrated.

Gerald likes gardening and fixing things up. He built every piece of furnishing on the Hunters’ base.

Lena is a bit… Anal… about the placement of her books and is generally tidy, but I don’t think there’s any household chore she actually likes.

Dani likes to bake, although she doesn’t do it often.

10) How would you describe your OC’s sense of humor?

Gerald: Snarky/sarcastic

Johanna: Physical and… weird.

Kyle and Sebastian: Immature

Lena: Dry/sarcastic

Dani: Silly and often physical

Gabrielle: Virtually inexistent

11) Imagine your OCs doing karaoke

Sebastian and Dani would be the only ones actually singing. Johanna would want to, but not in front of other people. Lena, Gabrielle, Kyle, and Gerald would just be standing there looking annoyed that they have to suffer through this. 😛

12) What is your OC’s resting expression?

Sebastian and Kyle have very different resting expressions. I always consider that if Kyle didn’t have the burn scar on his face that’d be the best way to tell them apart. Kyle has an angrier resting face, whereas Seb would seem more approachable to random strangers than his brother.

Johanna’s resting expression is something between deep contemplation and childish curiosity. She’s the kind of person you look at and wonder what’s going through her mind.

Gerald has a grumpy resting face, but it doesn’t really fool anyone.

Gabrielle is very stone faced. She doesn’t convey much even when resting.

Lena has a contemplative, sort of annoyed, expression. Like she’s constantly problem-solving in her mind

Dani has a kind/approachable expression most of the time. She’s a sweetie. >.>

13) Imagine your OC giving you life advice.

Oh, dear God, no. o.O

14) Which OC gives the best hugs?

Johanna. She’s a snuggler. I think second place would be Lena, but she wouldn’t hug just anyone. Jo would hug just anyone if she thought they need it.

15) If you could personally tell your OC one thing, what would it be?

You did your best.

That applies to literally all of them.

16) Which OC dances like a slightly drunk dad at a wedding?

Sebastian, definitely. And now I’m extra sad he doesn’t get to dance at Crys’ wedding.

Aaaw. T.T

17) Describe your OC’s sleeping habits. How many hours a night do they sleep? Do they suffer from insomnia, or do they usually have no trouble falling asleep? Are they a restless sleeper? Do they ever sleepwalk or sleep talk?

Kyle is a heavy sleeper. He sometimes has some difficulty falling asleep, but once he does he doesn’t wake for anything. He also doesn’t remember his dreams or sleepwalks/talks.

Sebastian falls asleep rather quickly, but he’s a much lighter sleeper than Kyle and doesn’t stay asleep through the night unless he’s utterly worn out. He also has some pretty bad dreams on occasion.

Gabrielle doesn’t sleep much more than four hours a night. She sleeps well enough when she does, but she doesn’t like to stay still or let her guard down for too long.

Johanna has bouts of insomnia and often doesn’t feel safe sleeping alone; as in without someone else in the room at least, so she’ll wander around and sometimes she’ll go into someone else’s room and curl up there. Which is a bit creepy, but Gabrielle and Gerald are used to it.

Lena is a very light sleeper. She’ll wake up with the slightest sound or movement. Which, is not such a bad trait for an assassin to have, really.

Dani’s sleep is reasonably profound. It’s not too heavy that she won’t wake up if something’s off, but she won’t startle with any little thing either. She’s… A bit lazy getting up in the morning, though.

18) Which oc would be an absolute nightmare to sleep with (stealing blankets, cold feet, etc)?

Johanna and I imagine Dani (good luck with that for the next 20yrs, Seb :P)

19) Introduce your OC in the style of My Immortal

Fuck no.

19) What happens if your oc is locked in a room with a dog?

The only possible outcome of this is belly rubs.

20) Does your OC believe in the concept of soulmates? Do they have one? If so, do they know?

For the sake of this, I’m not considering ‘soul mate’ in a romantic sense for every character. And no, I’m not going to say which are romantic or not.

Gabrielle: No. Yes. Not that she’d admit.

Johanna: No. Yes. No.

Gerald: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Kyle: No. Not within this story’s timeline. No.

Sebastian: No, but he will. Yes. No, but he will.

Lena: No. Yes. That’s not what she’d call it, but yes.

Dani: No. Yes. Yes.

Hopefully, that shed some light on these characters’ relationships! 😛

21) Which oc blushes easily?


And Dani. Sorta. She’s not easily embarrassed, but if you manage she’ll turn a bright shade of pink. Like, all over her goddamn face. 😛

22) Which oc should never be let near a kitchen?

Gerald. He’s food poisoned people at least twice before.

23) How would your OC’s manage if they all had to live together in the big brother house?

They sorta… Already… Do. Minus the cameras. 😛

Gerald, Gabrielle, and Johanna do live together like a tiny, weird, little family. They put up with each other pretty darn well.

But ALL of them? Welp… Since ‘group one’ wants to murder ‘group two’ and vice versa… Eeeh… Not well. lol

24) Which oc is the one to blame for every single bad thing that’s happened in their story?

Sebastian. Possibly in a literal sense. :/

*whispers* That was kind of spoilery, meh, whatever

25) Describe your oc as a news headline

Gabrielle: “Crazy Vigilante Murders Assassins and Keeps Souvenirs On Her Desk Drawer”

Gerald: “White Knight Recruit Has Drunken Fit and Punches Three Superiors In the Mouth” (Yes, really; Gerry was an angry child)

Johanna: “Still No Sign Of The Thief Responsible For The Disappearance of Half The City’s Alcohol Supply” (Long story, don’t ask)

Sebastian: “Thirteen Year Old Psychic Wins The Lottery” (not how his enlightenment works, but I wanted to have fun with this one lol)

Kyle: “Unexplained Forest Fire Still Not Contained.” (it could happen)

Dani: “Fifteen People Injured In Freak ‘Stink Bomb’ Accident” (again; don’t ask)

Lena: “Valcrest Inhabitants Continue To Experience Strange Blackouts and ‘Deja Vu Like’ Phenomena”

Okay, I think that’s a good question to end on. lol

I may do more of these in the future if my writer’s block continues. Til then…

Later, Guys!


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