“Baby, Come Home…”

Me: “This song makes me think of like, this guy… His marriage was falling apart, right? He’s working too much, too tired all the time, not enough time spent at home, shit was just deteriorating… And then one night he and his wife get into it, they really let all the frustration out. They shout at each other, things come out they never actually mean to say. It gets bad. Then, she just tells him ‘I’m done. It’s over.’ and leaves. She drives off and he’s just sitting there alone in the house for a few moments, reality starts to sink in and he decides; no. He’s going after her. So he drives off after her car. And she’s angry. It’s raining heavily. The road is slippery. She speeds due to rage and not wanting him to follow her. And she crashes. Violently. She’s dead before he can even get out of his car. The guilt starts to weigh on him bit by bit over the folllowing days, weeks, months. Every day that passes he finds some new way he could have helped the situation, one more thing he could have done differently. If only he’d stopped her at the door, if only he’d said something, anything, to make her turn around; if only to lash out at him some more, if only he never chased her down. If only he’d been better to begin with… His own thoughts are too heavy to bear and he starts drinking them away, but the more he drinks the more he remembers, the more he remembers, the heavier he drinks. Until one night he think he hears her. He can swear he hears her. An alcohol-fueled hallucination; a ghost, whatever it is… He’s had too much, way too much to put two thoughts together, to wonder or care why or how. He’s convinced if he goes out he’ll find her. He gets in his car, it’s raining heavily the road is slippery… There’s a bright light and the deafening sound of a car horn…”

*awkward silence*

Brother: “And?”

Me: “I don’t know. Maybe he dies, maybe not… It’s just a random scene in my head. There’s no ending.”

Brother: “THAT’S NOT RIGHT!”

Me: “Eh, I’m used to it.”

And this, ladies and gents, is why I usually don’t tell people what I’m thinking. >.>


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