Character Interview 2.5: Crys and Ali

Friends Forever Interview

So, remember when I did this for Luckas and Annie? Yeah, some time ago someone told me how their friend started reading the RPs and that in their own little headcanon they ship Crys and Ali. I thought that was kinda odd, but alright, let headcanons be headcanons I guess. Still, I thought it’d be funny to do this interview with the girls and see how they react to the ship.

So let’s begin. XP


1. Hey there, what are your names?

Ali: “Ali”

Crys: “Crys”

2. Great! And your ages?

Ali: “I’m 20.”

Crys: “25 here.”

3. How long have you two known each other?

Ali: “Holy crap, it’s been ten years!”

Crys: “Wow, it’s only been ten years? It sure feels like a lot longer sometimes.”

Ali: “Oh, haha.”

4. Has anyone ever told you that you two would make a simply adorable couple?!

Ali: “What? No. That’s a really weird thing to say!”

Crys: “I don’t think Jakey would be on board with this at all.”

5. Yes, yes, I can see it now! The two of you, aged 34, living in a large house with two little tykes running around, calling you motherly nicknames!

Ali: “Ugh, please stop that.”

Crys: “Really, you’re freaking us out a bunch.”

6. Oh sorry, did I make you blush?

Crys: “That’s not exactly my reaction.”

Ali: “I feel unclean.”

Crys: “I was trying not to phrase it like that, but yes.” >.>

7. Sorry again. Have you got a boyfriend, Crys? If not then why?

Crys: “Yes. I have Jakey.” >.>

8. And you Ali? If not then why?

Ali: “No. And what do you mean ‘why’? I just don’t.” *shrug*

9. What would you do if you caught the other person looking at you all funny?

Ali: “Crys is blind, she always looks at people kinda funny.”

Crys: “And I have no way of knowing what ‘funny’ looks like, but I get what you’re implying and I suggest you stop.”

10. Mhm… How well do you two know each other? Do you share secrets with each other?

Crys: “Ali is my best friend, so yes; we know each other very well and we talk about pretty much everything.”

11. Do you know the other’s dreams and aspirations?

Crys: “Didn’t you once dream that you were being stalked by a midget wearing a bird mask?”

Ali: “…Yes. Thanks for reminding me.” =.=

Crys: *snickers* “Don’t tell me midgets still freak you out because of that nightmare?”

Ali: “Shut up.” >.<

12. Can you tell me the other person’s favorite colors and edible items, please?

Ali: “Crys’ favorite color is actually red, even though she has no idea what colors are in the slightest. I don’t know wh-… Well, actually I do know why, but it’s private so I won’t tell. And everyone knows she’s obsessed with apples.”

Crys: “Ali really likes blackberries and these little blackberry cakes this lady makes in Newhaven. And her favorite color is green.”

Ali: “Yup.”

14. What is your favorite past time together?

Ali: “I annoy her and she bosses me. That’s our thing.”

Crys: “Pretty much. Other than that we talk and sometimes we play music together.”

Ali: “I’m not very good at it.”

Crys: “Pffft, you do just fine.”

15. Do you parents agree with this past time?

Crys: “Why wouldn’t they? That’s a weird question.”

Ali: “My parents died before I met Crys, but I’m pretty sure they’d be just fine with us hanging out. She’s very likable and they were nice people.”

16. How would your parents react if they ever found out you were dating, if you were at all? Would they care or would they flip out?

Ali: “Why? Just… why?”

Crys: “I doubt my parents would mind, they were very fond of Ali, but I am really starting to mind these questions. Seriously. Knock it off.”

Ali: “This has to qualify as incestuous in some way. I’m pretty damn sure of it.”

17. Do you want to crawl into a hole and die alone now or am I doing something wrong?

Ali: “Fuck you, you smartass.”

Crys: “I’m not dying alone. I’ll take Jakey into the hole with me.”

Ali: “I’m sure he’ll appreciate that.” *snickers*

Crys: “Aw. If Dastan was here I’m sure he’d find a way to make that ‘hole’ thing sound inappropriate somehow.”

Ali: “We should have brought him along. It would definitely make this a lot more fun of an ordeal.”

18. Hey, Ali, kiss her on the cheek then!

Ali: “Uhm… No.”

19. Why not?

Ali “That’s not a thing we do. Is that a thing we do?”

Crys: “Definitely not a thing we do.”

Ali: “No, we don’t do that.”

20. Do you two love each other? As best friends, siblings, lovers, friends?

Crys: “We have a sibling-like relationship, which means; yes, we do love each other very much.”

Ali: “We’re each other’s all time favorite person.”

Crys: “Just…Don’t say that in front of Jakey, it’ll hurt his feelings.”

21. You guys thirsty? Want a drink perhaps? What would you like?

Crys: “I’m not thirsty.”

Ali: “I don’t accept drinks from strangers.”

22. Do you play games together?

Crys: “Not really. I’m not much for playing games.”

Ali: “Do riddles count as games, though? You used to give me riddles all the time.”

Crys: “Huh. Good point.”

Ali: “I’m not good at riddles.” >.>

23. Who always wins in games?

Ali: “Crys has about 97% chance of beating me in anything. Also, likes I said; I suck at riddles.”

24. How do the two of you cope with losing? Are you good sports or do you have a tantrum?

Crys: “Ali is a competitive monster. So gladly we don’t actually play games. I personally don’t care about winning.”

Ali: “Hey, I lost to your dad all the time playing chess and I took it just fine.”

Crys: “Oh? What were your last words to him again?”

Ali: “That… Was… A… Joke. *glare* He would have found it funny. You shouldn’t hold it against me like that, you’re a horrible person, geez.”

Crys: *snickers*

26. What was your last conversation about?

Ali: “Ugh, we talk about a lot of things. I don’t even know anymore.”

Crys: “Does the above conversation about how Ali said some very mean spirited things to my dad on his grave count? Because if so, it was that.”

Ali: “Stop bringing that up.” -.-

27. When was the last time you saw each other before today?

Ali: “Yes…ter…day?”

Crys: “I think it was, yeah.”

28. Have you two ever dated?

Ali: “NO!”

Crys: “Not each other, at least. Wait, have you ever dated?

Ali: “I wouldn’t consider any of that actual dating. No.”

29. Right sorry, you don’t like those questions. How much do you guys read?

Ali: “I read some.”

Crys: “Blind. I am blind. I can sort of read with my fingers, but books, in general, aren’t adapted to me.”

30. If you do read, what do you prefer? If not, why not?

Ali: “I like history books.”

Crys: “Bliiiind.”

31. Do you guys think you’ll be friends forever?

Ali: “Pfft… Definitely.”

32. Right. Let’s say one of you moved to the other side of the country, how would you react?

Crys: “I wouldn’t get separation anxiety if Ali moved away so long as I know she’s fine.”

Ali: “If she suspects I’m not, things are bound to get a little… Eh… Let’s just say I better not get thrown in prison ever again.”

33. How friendly are you towards the other’s siblings?

Ali: “Neither of us has any siblings.”

Crys: “We’re each other’s sibling. Practically.”

34. Does the other person get easily jealous?

Ali: “Of me? No. Jake on the other hand… Whoa boy.”

Crys: *mutters* “That’s enooough… And I don’t see Ali as the jealous type of person even assuming she eventually settles for someone.”

35. How much do you guys hate me, on a scale of 1 to 10?

Ali: “I don’t care enough to hate you.”

Crys: “I pity you mostly. Has your mommy not hugged you enough when you were little?”

36. Ah well. What would you do if the other started copying your fashion sense?

Ali: “We kind of already dress sorta similar actually.”

Crys: “We do?”

Ali: “You pull it off better. Pft, redheads.”

37. Can you imagine growing old together, as friends, I mean?

Ali: “Oh, one of us is gonna die before it comes to that. How many times have we almost died so far?”

Crys: “Too many.”

38. Do you wish this was over?

Ali: “I don’t care.”

Crys: “I really have about five hundred more important things to do right this instant.”

39. Do you like your friend? How much?

Ali: “I think we already established we like each other very much.”

Crys: “Do you know what the definition of insanity is? Because I feel you’re getting there.”

40. Seriously, you two do look like you’d make an adorable couple. Just saying. What would you do if the other asked you out?

Ali: *sigh* “If it’ll shut you up… Hey, Crys, wanna have sex sometime?”

Crys: “I’m flattered, but I’m don’t feel that way about you or any women for that matter. Besides, you know I’m very much committed.”

Ali: “Oh, shoot. Well, I tried.”



Ali: “Hahaha… Damn it, we really should have brought Dastan along, huh?”

41. How would you react if the other got married and didn’t invite you to the wedding?

Ali: “I’m never getting married.”

Crys: “…I’m not so sure about that.”

Ali: “Shut up.” *snort* “If I did get married I don’t see why I wouldn’t invite Crys. Who else would give me away?”

Crys: *squeee* “Aaaawww…”

Ali: “Stop it.” -.-

Crys: “See, if you did get married and I wasn’t invited I would not forgive you, I think.”

Ali: “If you weren’t marrying Jake I’d be okay with not being there, but honestly… I’ve put up with so much of your relationship stuff over the years that I’ll be damned if I don’t get to see the happy ending.” =.=

42. How do you react when the other introduces their boy/girlfriend? Are you protective of your friend or do you let them do their own thing?

Ali: “Please, I knew she and Jake were dating about a year before they did.”

Crys: “If she’s ever serious about someone they better be unbelievably awesome or I’ll destroy them.”

Ali: “See? I’m never getting married.” *chuckle*

43. What are you going to do now that we’re done?

Ali: “I’m… Gonna go enjoy some alone time, I think.” >.>

Crys: “About five hundred more important things. And then I’ll probably go see what Jakey’s up to.”


Welp… They handled this a lot better than Luckas did. lol


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