This Is Not Entertainment!

I don’t think I’ve done a serious post like this since, uhm… I don’t know… Have I ever done any serious posts here? I ranted about riots and I did that one video about the Youtuber who wanted to upload his grandfather’s heart attack, but other than that, I don’t think I have. It’s not something I usually do, but some Youtubers I subscribe to commented on this video, on this channel, where these parents ‘prank’ their kids. I just want you guys to get a look at this; and don’t worry if you can’t watch it all the way through, because trust me this is hard to watch.

This is a mirror because the original video got deleted after all the backlash. Now, if you don’t want to watch this, that’s okay, let me summarize it for you: These kids’ parents got invisible ink, squirted it all over the carpet in this kid’s room and then went apeshit on him accusing him of doing it. Then his brother tried to defend him and they went apeshit on him too. And then after these two kids had cried their eyes out and screamed their lungs out the parents are laughing and saying it’s a prank. And saying things like “you got owned bra!”

I… I… UGH.

Who does this? How does Youtube allow this to exist even less be monetized? How are these people not in jail? I mean it, they should be in jail if this is how they run their household. This is damaging shit. And some people have been saying “oh, but it’s staged, the kids are in on it…” and I don’t know if that’s true, but even if it is. There is damage in coaching your children to do this in front of a camera. There is damage in teaching them that this is acceptable social behavior. There is a video following up on this called “Blocking all the haters”, I’m not going to embed that one because it’s 20 mins long and I don’t want to give these people views. I watched around ten minutes of it and it was too much. Basically, they have their kids on camera and they’re asking ‘are you happy?’ and ‘are you being abused?’ and basically calling the people who criticize them haters and having the kids agree and the mom… The fucking mom… Giving the kids fist bumps for agreeing to their bullshit narrative. And the things the older kids are saying are just very alarming to me. They say things like “It’s just a prank bra” and “Sometimes you cry when you get pranked”, I mean… What the hell?

Cody, the kid who’s the biggest target of pranks for what I skimmed of this channel, he’s not saying much at all… And what he does say seems like was fed to him or in the very least things he’s heard his parents spew, because that doesn’t sound like things a kid his age says. Things like “they’re just givings us more views” and “why take the time to comment if they don’t like it?”, stuff like that. They all bring up the fact that the kids have a lot of material things and that they have a say on whether the videos get posted or not, but… They are children. These are children. Their notion of what is right, wrong, and what’s best for them comes from their parents and these kids have learned that ‘a lot of Youtube views’ is what’s best for them every time. Because it gets them stuff. And if they don’t grow up fucking disturbed from all of this, they’ll grow up to be pieces of shit like their parents who think that yelling at a little kid for full minutes that he did something he didn’t do, to the point where he doesn’t really know what’s real anymore, is a fucking prank.

And the mom is the worst. I’m sorry, but any mother who is able to laugh at her kids screaming in despair like this woman can is a goddamn psychopath. And in the ‘blocking the haters’ video she says shit like “oh, they put fake spiders in my bed! Parent abuse!”

Bitch, plastic spiders are toys, they can’t hurt you. THAT is a prank. I’m terrified of spiders and even I turn out okay when someone does that to me. You YELLED AT YOUR SON for five whole minutes and that was very much REAL. And then you yelled at your other son for trying to defend his brother, because let’s teach our kids that telling the truth and standing up for people you know are innocent, is wrong. *throws hands up*

I don’t know, I’m not a parent, but… I do take care of my niece and nephew since they were little. They sleep over here twice a week (they’re here right now. Sleeping, Because it’s late), and I’ve had to discipline them plenty of times. And even when they actually do something wrong we are always very careful with how we handle it because we want these kids to understand right from wrong and learn empathy and grow up to be awesome adults. I mean, that’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s what my mom did with me. I was never yelled at that way and I’ve done some serious shit growing up. My mom only hit me once in my life and that’s when I told my brother I wished he died. That was the thing that got me smacked and I will say here I absolutely deserved it. I wouldn’t do it and I know my mom regretted doing it, but I 100% deserved getting smacked in the butt for that. It didn’t even hurt. >.>

I’m straying from the point I’m trying to make, lol. What I’m saying is that these people don’t know how to be parents. They’re raising these kids in an environment that rewards abusive behavior and making money off of it. I don’t know if legally they could suffer repercussions from this, the mom did mention they were investigated and cleared and I don’t know much about laws in the US; I don’t even know where they are in the US, but morally… I’m siding with the freaking ‘haters’ here.


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