A Little Follow Up

Okay, so… A little follow-up on the post I did yesterday before I grace you all with my life updates; I know you all live for that. 😛

A lot of stuff went down with the people in that video. First, they gave an interview on Drama Alert which is a piece of shit YT channel that calls itself news; they are biased as fuck and they stink. Then apparently they went on to say that; yes, the videos are staged, although after the latest video Philip DeFranco put out where the father is telling one of the kids to slap his sister and he does; HARD, I don’t see how some of the shit they do can be faked. That slap wasn’t fake. There’s no way. But of course that was a deleted video, so go figure. More so; they say that the videos are mostly the kids’ ideas and that they do it for the kids. Which… Ugh… Is pathetic. Assuming that was true, which I highly doubt it is, you are the adults and you should teach these kids right from wrong. UUUUGH!

Apparently, the actual mother of the youngest boy and the girl came forward; because yes, the woman on the ink video is, in fact, their stepmom. Props to all the awesome stepmoms out there; you’ve been horribly misrepresented here. And what is being said is that the mother did actually file a police report but because the father is living in Maryland (I think it was) with the kids, the authorities there are calling it ‘corporal punishment’ and saying it’s not abuse. Wow, Maryland, really?

So now the only video left in their channel is titled “Family Destroyed Over False Aquisations”. Yes; ‘aquisations’, not ‘accusations’, gotta love that one. In that video, they pretty much blame Philip DeFranco for all the crap they’re going through and play the victims. Which is stupid. These fuckers did this shit themselves and put it online for the world to judge. Philip DeFranco was incredibly nice in his videos compared to what I feel they deserve. I’m 100% sure these people are covering their asses.

I honestly don’t know how these kids would see it if they were removed from the home, I don’t think they believe they’re being abused, but honestly… I wouldn’t be heartbroken if these assholes got thrown in jail for this.

*shrug* I don’t know how it’s gonna play out, but… Just saying that’s my opinion.


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