About Those Life Updates

There’s really nothing much to tell, lol. That’s partially the reason why I haven’t made any more personal posts lately. I’m going through some major writer’s block and applying to jobs. A bit sick again. And this has been my life.


I need to make some money. That’s the gist of it, guys. And I’m not gonna lie; I’m pretty tired and stressed out, but… A normal amount. I don’t feel like I’m having a bad time of life, in particular. It’s just all very uneventful. I’m getting work here and there and living with my family makes it possible to survive that way, but I really, really, want something consistent. That’d take away a lot of the stress. I’m applying to things, so… Fingers crossed and all that.

As for my writer’s block; yeah, that really sucks. I was going back and forth between writing out and editing/rewriting the early chapters of Shadows Rise and all of that just… stopped… this past month. I’m trying to get back into it, but then I don’t want to push myself because sometimes that just makes it worse. I’ll leave all my docs open and look at it every ten-twenty minutes, and I listen to all the music relating to the story so I can keep it in the back of my mind throughout the day… Things like that. It’ll come back to me; don’t worry. 😛

I’m continuing Hogwarts Exposed, so… Chapter two of that at some point tonight or tomorrow.

There won’t be any more posts about that whole YouTube controversy I talked about in my previous posts. I am gonna keep following this story because I was personally concerned, but I won’t be writing about it anymore. A lot of people are already digging into all the facts and as far as opinions go, I made mine clear enough.

So yeah… Back to adulting for a few more hours. See you all later!


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