10 Things People Need To Understand About My Writing…

No, I’m not calling myself ‘misunderstood’. These are just things I find myself having to explain to people often. >.>

10) Everyone Fucking Dies (Eventually)

I needed to explain to a buddy of mine recently that just because I choose a death song for a character it doesn’t mean that they’ll die in the story, but, ya know… Everyone dies sooner or later and whenever that happens, that song will be the soundtrack of it.

9) A Lot Of People Die (Right Now)

I’m not shy about torturing and murdering my guys if that’s how their story ends.

8) Sometimes Death Is Preferable

Life is pain. Even more so if your creator is a goddamn sadist.

7) If You’re Not Prepared To Feel Horrible, You Shouldn’t Read This

Understand that my purpose in this world is making you cry. 🙂

6) It’s Not About Satisfaction

I don’t like stories with perfect resolutions where everything sorts itself out in the end. I like stories more true to real life in the sense that sometimes you don’t get closure, you don’t get answers, and you need to learn to live with horrible consequences to well-intentioned acts.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes killers are hailed as heroes, and there’s nothing to do about it other than accept and move on.

5) I Do Care About My Characters

I cry when they cry.

We cry a lot. >.>

4) Not Everything Is Horrible

Sometimes good things happen to good people and the killer gets stabbed in the face.

What a good day! ^.^

3) Nothing Lasts Forever

You better enjoy the good days, though, because I sure as hell have an even bigger shitstorm prepared. >.>

2) Badassery = Knowing How To Take a Beating + Being Too Stubborn To Just Die Already

A victory’s not a victory without a few broken bones.

1) Personal Growth =/= Happiness

I was asked (a lot) why I torture my characters so much. And honestly? It’s because they’re idiots who make shit decisions. And if every time they get knocked on the head they learn a little something, if it makes them just a little bit better, then that’s a far more interesting story. If gaining empathy makes them suffer from regret then that’s the price they pay for being a better person. If the past is still haunting them, then maybe they need to find it within themselves to accept; or forgive, things that can never be changed.

And you know what? These are all painful things. Pain is unavoidable, but it can and hopefully does lead to better things. Thing is… The story worth telling isn’t in what they achieve in life, but in what they had to overcome to get there.

So there we have it. I hope that explains a little about why I do the horrible things I do, but if it doesn’t… Tough luck. We don’t always get perfect resolutions, do we? 😛


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