Shadows Rise Updates

I’m really tired guys. -.-

Uhm, I’m going to post on Written In Shadows soon-ish (probably tomorrow) with a bit more detail of what Shadows Rise will be (for those who don’t know) and make a very spoiler-free summary of what one might expect from Episode One, but I also want to make a little post here about how it’s going because, well, it’s the main reason I’m so exhausted. I’ve been pulling a couple of all-nighters the past few nights trying to get as much of it done as possible on top of… Well… My life.

According to my outline, we’ll be looking at around fifteen chapters with varying lengths (will know for sure after I’m finished editing). I’ve written ten of those and I’ve been alternating that writing with a bit of backtracking and editing the earlier chapters. The reason I don’t just write the whole thing and THEN go back and edit is that, well, alternating between the two feels less exhausting, which actually allows me to do more. And I’ve also been reworking some of my character bios in between that because… The more I write these characters, the more changes I make to them. I think the most significant of these changes was to Gabrielle and Gerald’s clothes and equipment; so it’s not absolutely vital that I do this, but… I like it. 😛

Now, my initial deadline for this was February (this back when I was trying to do NaNo if you guys recall), but life got very distracting, health’s been a bitch and a lot of other shit, so here we are in May still working on this. Realistically, I want to get the first chapter posted before my birthday. That’s July 26th. It’s very doable. And the reason I’m estimating that late is that I want to run it by betas first. It’s not gonna be best-selling novel quality work (at least I don’t feel like it is), but it will be loads better than our original RPs quality. And that’s kind of what I’m going for with our Shadows related stuff in general. I want it to still feel like casual writing, but with a bit more quality and A LOT more coherence.

There’s lots more I want to say about this that I’m just not going to because I want to wait until after it’s posted. I mean, I could ramble for miles on just how much fun I’m having with these characters and why I’m so in love with the idea of writing this particular generation and this particular part of Valcrest history, but… I brag about my characters enough as it is. So I’m gonna cut that all short and just say I’m really happy about this.

And if you all know me… I’m not usually happy about my writing. It’s a brand new feeling. o.O

That said, I think I’m gonna try and go to sleep before morning this once. Just to recharge my batteries some. Man, I’m fucking tired. -.-


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