Blog Direction… And WHY The Heck Am I Reviewing Twilight?

So, I haven’t been around here much lately and, despite the fact that I’ve actually been busy and will be even more busy in the next couple of months, a lot of my absence is also due to me not feeling like it all that much. Don’t get me wrong I started blogging because I enjoy it and I’ve been doing it all this time because I enjoy it, but I feel that lately the things I enjoy the most aren’t the same they were when I got started. If that makes sense?

I started doing My Immortal Commentary way back when because I was too stressed with life at the time to actually do anything else. For context, that was around the first time my grandpa got sick, so yeah, things were heavy for me at the time. Someone gave me the idea (I don’t remember who it was, to be honest) and I ran with it because I wanted some type of filler post.

Then I found School of Prayer and Miracles and I was extremely curious about it. One thing led to another and I still have nightmares about that shitstorm of a fic.

When I started I told myself “this isn’t going to be a review blog in any way” and now I actively seek out things to review. I have changed. And as a result, this blog’s content has changed and… I feel like the reason I’ve been posting less and less is that I’m trying to resist that change. I kept telling myself “I don’t want this blog to be just bad fan fiction and cartoon reviews”, but honestly, the only reason I come around here is to do just that. And I like it. I mean, things like NITWIT piss me off, but I like raging at it. It’s cathartic for me. And hopefully, it’s enjoyable for someone out there to read, because it does get views when I post it. Likewise, reviewing MLP and Steven Universe is fun for me and the only reason I’m not doing it again yet is I haven’t found the time to rewatch episodes and write it up. Heck, I’m even falling behind on current episodes again. -.-

Same thing with the Disney reviews. I haven’t had time to stop and watch lately. But I do have a list of all the Disney animated feature films I plan to do reviews on. I’m no longer going to do every single one like I planned (Fantasia for once won’t be a part of the Revisited series), but there are still A LOT of them to go through.

Now, this Twilight Saga review I mentioned a couple of times I’d do. It is happening. I have the first book on pdf ready to be… uhm… Explored… But I will say this is a paid review. My friend wanted to see me suffer through this so bad, she paid me to do it. She paid fifty bucks (per book), plus she sent me the books. And she asked that I do a chapter by chapter review and give my honest opinion, BUT, she also wants me to try and point out a positive in every chapter. So yay to that. -.-

Look, I’m going to be as fair as I can, but this is Twilight. I am going to mock the crap out of it or I won’t survive. Simple as that. So hopefully that’ll be fun to read along.

The end result of all this and the conclusion we can draw from all this ramble is that this blog is officially embracing change now which may result in a higher posting rate in the future (I mean, this won’t make me less busy right now ^^), but also means… More review and commentary type things and not much else. Because honestly, I have a great time doing that and that’s the whole point of blogging to me.

As for my personal writing… I’m moving it permanently to deviantArt (random stuff and/or not necessarily canon Valcrest go here) and Written In Shadows (Valcrest canon goes here), so if you want more of that, those are the places to go now. And yeah, WIS is still empty for now, but that’s why I’m so busy… Just lemme work on this. 😛

I have more ideas and news to come, but I’ll get into it when I have time to work on it so, for now…

Later, guys!


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